Permanent Daylight Game Cheats

Submitted by: rickHH 

Part 1
You start off in the town centre. Well, the town, there 
isn't much of it. Go into the law office. Hmm, legal fees 
must be down. Take the handsaw visible in the snow, and go 
back out. Go into the hotel and operate the plant on the 
reception desk. Go upstairs and use the key in the middle 
door. Take the hairdryer. Go back to the lobby and give 
the key to the receptionist, then operate the lump under 
the carpet. Go outside and enter the alley beside the hotel. 
Give the whiskey to the bum. Go back into the hotel and onto 
the second floor. Speak to the left-hand door. Operate the 
pot plant, then go all the way back to the alley. Take the 

Part 2
Leave the town and go to Dr. Evil Ed's lab. Operate the mailbox 
and examine the letter inside. Go back to the map screen and go 
to the tree. Use the chainsaw on the tree. Take the battery. 
Return to the map and go to the unclear thingies standing by 
the road. Talk to Jason, just for fun. Give him the handsaw. 
Use the screwdriver on the mailbox. When you're in the post 
office, examine the desk until you find Dr. Ed's order form, 
then take it. Talk to the clerk to get outta there. 

Part 3
Onto the home stretch, now. Use the battery in the hairdryer 
and that on the coins in the fountain. Go to the hotel and use 
the coins in the novelty machine. Go outside and go to the 
genelab. Give the bunny to the scientist and take the circuit 
on the table. Go outside and leg it all the way to Dr. Ed's 
lab, then knock on the door. Sneak in when he leaves it open. 

Now comes the final puzzle. Dr. Ed's turned on his machine and 
has, oddly enough, shot himself in the head as you tried to 
confront him. Now, this is pretty complicated, so pay attention. 
Firstly, walk around the room three times in one direction, then 
three in the other. Then get up from your computer, go to your 
kitchen and make a sandwich. Either cheese or jam, or cheese and 
jam if you prefer. Next, having eaten the sandwich, go back to 
your computer (remembering to wash your hands) and (back in the 
game) operate the power cord.

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