PGA Championship Golf 1999 Edition Game Cheats

Tip 1: 
If you find yourself chipping from within your 
club's rated distance, take a little something 
off the shot or go with a shorter club. 

Tip 2: 
The game lets you customize your main viewing 
perspective to just about any angle and elevation 
you want. Setting the elevation to 6 feet and the 
pitch to -7 degrees permits a really good look at 
both your golfer and the lay of the land ahead of 

Tip 3:
Without a doubt, the "tri-click" swing method is 
easier and garners more consistent results than 
the TrueSwing mouse swing, especially for the 
rookie golfer. Do not, however, try to hit monster 
drives by letting the meter go far past the ideal 
"full power" mark. By doing so, you must perfectly 
hit the "straight shot" mark on the way down, or 
you'll suffer the horribly short consequences. 

Tip 4:
Learn to rotate your PGA golfer for a better 
angle at the hole or to the intended fairway target. 
Ignore this facet of the game, and you'll be sorry. 

Tip 5:
Activate the top aerial view and click it with the 
right mouse button to effectively gauge distances
(there is no other recommended way).

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