Pharaoh Expansion - Cleopatra Game Cheats

Submitted by: SEBASTIAO

How to Cheat:
To bring up the cheat dialog box, press CTRL+ALT+C. 
Then, type in your cheat of choice exactly as it appears 
below. The cheats are case sensitive, and make sure to 
spell everything correctly (pharaoh is a tricky word, we 
know). Also, some cheats can only be used in certain 
situations, as noted. We highly recommend saving your 
game before using any cheat codes. There is a slight 
chance that something funky (and unintended) could happen 
when you use a cheat. 

Cleopatra Cheat Codes (new!):
Jail Break         - A pack of tombrobbers hits the streets, 
                     looking for burial provisions to steal.
Amphibious Assault - A plague of frogs descends upon your city.
Crimson Tide       - The life-giving river turns to blood.
Crop Busters       - Swarms of locusts eat every crop in sight. 
Hail to the Chief  - A hailstorm pelts your city.
Ancient Astronauts - Pyramids are built at a quicker pace.
Mummys Revenge     - A Mummy Rises
Hippo Stomp        - Some black hippopotamuses appears
Side Show          - This is funny, those hippo's starts dancing
Treasure Chest     - Add 1000 deben to your stock
Pharaohs Tomb      - Win scenario
Jail Break
Amphibious Assault
Crop Busters
Kitty Litter
Cat Fight
Cat Nip
Seth Strikes
Fury of Seth
Typhonian Relief
Spirit of Typhon
Big Dave
Noble Djed
Supreme Craftsman
Bird of Prey
Sun Disk
Pharaohs Glory
Mummys Curse
Life from Death

Avoiding insects or animals:
If you have animals or insects bothering you or killing 
your people, go under "Beautification" and click under 
a small statue. Surround the problem with the statues 
and they will no longer bother you. Also, you do not 
need an Architect to keep it from collapsing.

Keep those settlers settling. The key to any title in the 
city-building series is manpower, and you can't get that 
without a steady stream of folks coming to your city. 

Try to place your dwellings away from the commercial 
district. Yes, they need to be in close proximity to stuff 
like bazaars, but if they are right next door they will only 
evolve so much. 

Limit your intersections. Police officers and firefighters 
still amble about in their own peculiar fashion. The fewer 
intersections that they have to cross, the less chance there 
is that they will make a wrong turn and leave part of your 
city unprotected.

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