Playboy - The Mansion Game Cheats

Submitted by: Haspa

Better photoshoots:
If you take a picture of a girl while she is winking (so that the picture has 
one eye closed), it will boost your photoshoot. Variety is the key to a great 
photoshoot. Get pics both on and off the bet, couch, or prop. Get some clothed 
and some topless. Get objects in as many pictures as possible. Get as many winks and 
raised eyebrows as possible. Also, fit them in the picture both close and far off.

Increase Intelligence:
Get your journalist to follow you. Take them up to a bookshelf and tell them to "Use". 
Repeat this many times. Eventually you will have increase their Intelligence. This also 
works with everyone in the game. Just like how you can raise your photographers and 
writers intellect by making them follow you and telling them to use bookshelves, you 
can also do for Hef. His intelligence will also rise, but it sometimes will not work 
for the different bookshelves.

When you have a playmate do a centerfold. After you publish them, they can do an essay, 
cover shoot, or an interview. It is good to be their friend before publishing your magazine.

Roster Character Editor:
Allows you to edit the name and appearance of all fictional staff members and celebrities. 
Note that ratings, specialties, and occupations cannot be edited. You also cannot edit 
anything about storyline people in Mission Mode, such as Scotty Powers or Ki Kji. Unlocked 
after completing Mission 2.

Increase Physique:
Have your Playmate follow you to a piece of sports equipment. Tell them to "Use". 
Repeat this several times. Eventually they will have a high Physique. This also works 
on everyone in the game.

Increase Charm:
To increase the Charm of people, have them follow you to a mirror and tell them to "Use". 
Repeat this several times.

Unlockable Items:
Brass Bed           - Upper floor only. Unlocked after completing Mission 9
Bunny Back          - Main or upper floor. Unlocked after completing Mission 3
Butt r fly          - Main floor only. Unlocked after holding the fundraiser for Operation 
                      Validation during Mission 5
Leg-O-Lamp          - Main or upper floor. Unlocked after doing an intimate action with a girl 
                      during Mission 3
Massage Table       - Upper floor only. Unlocked after publishing an issue during Mission 2
Michelangelo        - Main floor only. Unlocked after publishing the Playboy Philosophy during 
                      Mission 4
Obsession           - Upper floor only. Unlocked after finding Ken Willard during Mission 5
Olivia's Hef        - Main floor only. Unlocked after completing Mission 4
Regency Chair       - Main or upper floor. Unlocked after completing Mission 8
Regency End Table   - Main or upper floor. Unlocked after completing Mission 6
Regency Rug         - Main floor only. Unlocked after completing Mission 11
Regency Sofa        - Main or upper floor. Unlocked after completing Mission 10
Trampoline          - Pool only. Unlocked after getting two girlfriends during Mission 3
Ultra Extreme Dance - Clubhouse only. Unlocked after publishing Karmyn Chase on the cover during 
                      Mission 5

Unlockable Outfits:
Artsy Bunny Shirt - Unlocked after cover shooting Karmyn Chase during Mission 5
Barely There Plus - Unlocked after signing Carmen Electra to a contract during Mission 8
Leopard Flares    - Unlocked after holding the sexy Grotto party for your Playmates during Mission 7
Plaid Skirt       - Unlocked after holding the special parties for your staff, Playmates, and 
                    girlfriends during Mission 7
Playboy Mini      - Unlocked after getting a high romantic relationship between Markus Jacobski and 
                    any female during Mission 6
Retro Zip-Front   - Unlocked after forcing the two enemy staff members to make up during Mission 4
Shoulder Wrap     - Unlocked after getting a high romantic relationship between Karmyn Chase and 
                    Builder Paris during Mission 6
Stars and Stripes - Unlocked after inducing love between Wendy Bigmoney and Ciro Burrow during 
                    Mission 8
White Peek-a-Boo  - Unlocked after getting Penny Starks or Sandra Bellore as your girlfriend 
                    during Mission 8

There are a ton of things to unlock in Playboy: The Mansion, based on your various actions. 
This is the complete list of what to get and how to get it in Mission Mode. The requirements 
are different for Freeform Mode, but all items are still attainable no matter which mode you 
are playing.

Clubhouse - Unlocked after completing Mission 5
Grotto    - Unlocked after inviting the agent to the special party in Mission 4
Pool      - Unlocked after completing Mission 1 

Submitted by: ashwini sharma

general game tip:
each character has got 6 drives. u will have to fulfill all of them by engaging in talk with 
them or tell them to follow you and then ordering them to use items like bars,bookshelves,
sofas etc.

staff efficiency:
with ur staff u will always have to engage with them since their performance and their efficiency 
depends on fulfillment of their 6 drives. if the drives are very low then the articles,pictorials,
interviews,photoshoots etc and other items for your magazine produced by them will be very mediocre 
which is symbolised by rabbitheads. if you keep up their drives by engaging with them then they 
will produce best materials for ur magazine which can boost sales very much.

utilisation of points:
as you go on to different levels you are often awarded points. save them to use cheats and unlock 
sexy original playboy centrefolds in the cheats section and archive section respectively.

getting maximum out of guests:
host parties often and invite celebrities with higher the content they will give then will 
also have a higher rating than the celebrities who have lower stars suffixed to their names. before 
asking them to give any content build up a relationship with them so that they will agree to your 
request. also don't forget to keep up their drives as it also plays a role in the rating of the 
content the celebrities give. just having a relationship with them will not fetch you a higher rated 
content. low drives will mean poor content and the higher the bars of drives of celebrities are,the 
more higher your content will be rated.

central bar:
the bar in the centre of a celebrities' drives (the one that has a halo like crown over it) 
indicates how they think of hef(or you). you will have to make hef engage with them so that 
it remains on high.gud luck

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