Prince of Persia - The Sands of time Game Cheats

Submitted by: ankush mahajan

During fights dont stay just keep moving and remember blocking! Also u can use 
daggar to freeze enemies but dont slash them yet! After half of their life is 
gone hack n slash him and get the sands u lost back!

Submitted by: Petar

Start the game using parammeter megahit x ( x is  a number betveen 2 and 14). 
That`s how you will activate the cheats. Keys you may use to cheat while 
playing- U (switch to a platform above), N (switch to a platform below), 
H (switch to  the left platform), J (switch to the right platform), K 
(kills all opponent players).

Warnning- cheats may not work in some versions of the game.

Submitted by: GHAZI ( ZERO X )

Its Not Really a cheat but it must help you in the last fight with "VIZIER"!!!
He will say spells that will make you fight three "VIZIERS" So with first one 
you can jump on him and strike him but you cant do that with the second or 
third one so two words will let you kill him :
BLOCK and STRIKE BLOCK and STRIKE BLOCK and STRIKE and you can easly defeat him.
Enjoy the victory! 

The Magical Room (After Hour Glass):
Submitted by: Ghazi Makki (Zerox)

This is not really a cheat but its a walk through. When u reach the hour glass and 
coming to end this story the "VIZIER" will throw u and Farrah away and after some 
chating with Farrah in the dark and after some walking you will reach a room that 
have many doors Allow me to explain. The doors magically lead back to the entrance.
Only one door is correct; keep going through the correct door to get to the next level.
You have to enter those doors in order to reach Farrah its too hard by the way because 
theres nothing will make u know the order of entering the doors so heres the right order :
1,Forth door from the left of the entrance.
2,First door from the left of the entrance.
3,Third door from the right of the entrance.
4,First door from the right of the entrance.

Second floor:
1,Sixth door from the left of the entrance.
2,First door from the left of the entrance.
3,fifth door from the right of the entrance.

Here, a cutscene ensues - you see Farah bathing, and invites Prince to join her.
Prince takes off his sword and dagger; and joins her in the bath. And enough! 
I want tell u any more discover it yourself.

Any question E-mail me 
Ghazi Makki (Zerox)

Original Prince of Persia level:
Submitted by: AiMeR

You can play the level from the original Prince of Persia game. 
All you have to do is:
When you start a new game you begin on a balcony DON'T go in, then 
hold "x" and press "space",left mouse, "e","c","e","space",left mouse, "C".

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