Quest for Glory 5 - Dragon Fire Game Cheats

Duplicate items:
Throw an item, including coins, into the air. 
Press I while the item is in mid-air, select the 
same item, then throw it in the air again. Repeat 
to duplicate the selected item. 

Always have balloon:
Park the balloon outside Silmaria after it has been 
completed, then restart the game. 

Build Agility, Strength and Vitality easily: 
Hold G + K until your character's stamina is expended. 
Then, rest for an hour and repeat. 

To build up your strength, vitality and agility, 
simply press and hold the "G" and "K" keys on your 
keyboard until your stamina runs out. Then rest 
for an hour, and repeat. 

Ok, this is more of a bug than a cheat code, 
but if you do not want to be bothered by 
monsters or do not want to make the balloon 
again, when you have finished; making the 
balloon and Park" it outside Silmaria. 
Then restart your game.

Take all of your money out of the bank on day one, 
and don't return it until after the robbery has occurred. 

Buy pills rather than potions at magic shops; they're a 
better value if you weigh the cost against the amount 
you'll need. Keep a good stash of health, vitality, and 
mana pills (if you are a wizard or paladin) in your belt 
at all times, and use them whenever you drop below half 
your max. 

Save right after you are assigned to any given Rite. 
If you are beaten by one of the other contestants, just 
restore and play through again. By the time you finish a 
Rite, you'll know exactly how to complete it, so you'll 
get through in only a fraction of your original time. 

Try to talk to everyone at least once every couple of 
days, even the people who are difficult to reach. 

Keep a few Pegasus feathers on hand. If you need to get 
down from a high ledge, just use the feathers. 
Also, Hippocrene water has a wide variety of uses, as 
do empty amphoras (it's worth lugging these heavy vessels 

For a bit of amusement, try using the Levitation spell 
under the windmill near Science Island, or throw pizzas 
at the citizens in the Town Square (you may need to throw 
several pizzas before anything will happen).

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