Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear - Urban Operations Game Cheats

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Result                                  Code
Heavy breathing                       - 1-900  
Refill inventory                      - 5fingerdiscount  
Map draw AI plan colors               - aiplancolors  
Map draw AI alertness colors          - alertnessstatecolors  
Avatar god mode                       - avatargod  
Map draw AI aware colors              - awarenessstatecolors  
Map draw AI behavior colors           - behaviorcolors  
Big head mode                         - bignoggin  
Clodhopper mode                       - clodhopper  
Map draw AI combat state colors       - combatstatecolors  
Map draw cover points                 - coverpoints  
Suicide                               - death 
Debug keys activated                  - debugkeys  
Map draw plan                         - drawplan  
Victory conditions                    - explore  
Map draw level maps                   - levelmaps  
Mega head mode                        - meganoggin  
Monocle mode                          - monocle  
Disable AI                            - nobrainer  
Map draw AI normal colors             - normalcolors  
Map draw object walls                 - objectwalls  
Map draw obstacle walls               - obstaclewalls  
Map draw AI panicked colors           - panickedcolors  
Map draw path point links             - pathpointlinks  
Wounding shots kill                   - wounddeath  
2D players                            - turnpunchkick  
Map draw AI threat awareness colors   - threatawarenesscolors  
Invisible mode                        - theshadowknows  
Map draw test plan                    - testplan  
Team invisible mode                   - teamshadow  
Team god mode                         - teamgod  
Stumpy mode                           - stumpy  
Fart mode                             - silentbutdeadly   
Map draw AI ROE colors                - roestatecolors  
Map draw AI ROE speed colors          - roespeedcolors  
Map draw AI psycological state colors - psychstatecolors  
Map draw path points                  - pathpoints  

It may not be realistic, but the heartbeat sensor will 
often save your life. Find a safe spot and scan for 
hidden terrorists. 

Three-round bursts are more accurate than full auto. 
If your weapon supports three-round bursts, you should 
use them instead of full auto. 

Memorize all of the multiplayer starting points this 
will help in determining where your opponent(s) might 
be heading. 

Submitted by rickHH

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