Schizm - Mysterious Journey Game Cheats

Submitted by: rickHH 
Beginning - The Living Ships: 

Hannah starts her adventure in a town on a living ship 
floating in the middle of the ocean. Her primary goal is 
to rendezvous with Sam, but to do this she must investigate 
her environment for clues.

Go forward four times. Pan right and ascend the ramp directly 
in front of you. As you reach the top you will be treated to 
an eerie optical effect that is a harbinger of things to come. 

To the right is another ramp. Follow this ramp to the top. 
Take a step toward the three benches in the middle of the 
platform. Pan to the right until the cursor changes into a 
magnifying glass when over a purple rectangle on a round table. 
This is the first of many mission logs of the missing crewmembers 
you will find during the course of the game. Click to get a 
close-up and then listen to two messages from Tomlin. 

Zoom out from this close-up and pan to the left of the benches 
until you get a directional arrow indicating the large cupola-
type structure. Approach the structure.

You can either push the button on the left pillar (a finger 
cursor will indicate that you can interact with it) or just 
walk directly into the structure. Whatever your choice, you 
will enter an elevator. Pan left and push the up arrow on the 

When you have reached the top, pan left to find the exit from 
the elevator. Exit and pan to the right to see a broken bridge. 
Pan back to the left until the directional arrow points 
straight ahead. Walk towards the reddish sky. Hannah will 
wonder aloud as to the whereabouts of the inhabitants of this 
small village. 

Climb the ramp on the right that appears in front of you. 

Once you arrive at the top of the ramp, you can knock on the 
door of the house to your left. No one answers. 

Ignore the buzzing bees and pan slightly to the right. Walk 
towards the translucent pear-shaped object. Zoom-in on the 
strip of symbols-this shows the numbering system of the alien 
planet. Make a notation of these symbols and number them from 
top to bottom as 0 to 10. Make a mental note that the solution 
inside the object rests at the number 5. 

Continue on until you have reached the parts for the hints 
listed below: 

Pay close attention to all sounds within the game that relate 
to colors, directions, etc Write them down if necessary as 
it will be most helpful in completing the mission

The Balloon Field:

Your first objective is to activate the symbols on the 
'pearl catcher' in the same order the vanes are located 
on board the ship. Your obstacle is that this is a timed 
puzzle and if you take too much time, the winds will shift 
and so will the direction that the vanes are pointing.

Gas Dispenser puzzle: 

Begin with the gas collector to the left. You must discover 
with one measurement which one of the 10 levers will dispense 
the gas with twice the lift into the vessel. This must be 
done twice, once for each gas dispenser on each side of the 

Each gas dispenser has ten hoses with ten handles attached. 
Starting with the one o'clock position, number each hose 
from 1 through 10 (it does not matter where you begin, but 
for the sake of simplicity we will start at the one o'clock 
position). Push the paddle on the first hose one time, push 
the paddle on the second hose two times, push the paddle on 
the third hose three times, and so on, until you have pushed 
the tenth hose ten times. Now click on the button in the 
center and you will be turned to the right so you can see 
the measurement of the lifting power.

The outer (black) indicator shows the pressure in units of 
twelve (not tens), and the inner (white) indicator shows ones. 
So if the outer meter points to 4, then this is a pressure of 
48, and if the inner meter points to 10 then the total pressure 
is 58. Since you made 55 total pushes (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10=55), 
and only one of the paddles will have dispensed the gas with 
twice the lifting power, subtract 55 from the total measurement. 
The remainder will be the number of the paddle that dispenses 
the correct gas (as this is a random puzzle, the solution to 
this puzzle varies every game).

In the above example the difference was 3. Turn back to the 
gas collector and press handle 3 once. If you have solved 
the puzzle correctly you will see the vessel rise halfway 
as it is half-filled with gas. Cross to the other side and 
repeat this entire procedure for the other gas dispenser. 
Be very careful! If you make a mistake, you have to start 
all over again.


Listed are the results for the first two pillars:
Pillar 1: relative height 4, relative distance 10, actual 
distance 45
Pillar 2: relative height 5, relative distance 10, actual 
distance 16

The measurements are later used in the following equation: 
Pillar 1 - 10/4 = (10+45)/x where x is the actual height = 2.5, 
and thus x = 22

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