Sim Farm Game Cheats

Submitted by by: Dj Simo

Edit file ?.SFM with HexEdit
Goto sector 267 offset 228-231
Change to FF FF FF F7 to get a lot of money

Submitted by: richerd

When playing type alien when you have a wheat field.
Then you have cool music and circles in your field. 

Update by: Dj Simo

While playing, hold SHIFT while typing
any of the words below, then press ENTER. 

Code     Result
CORN   - Gives you $10,000
FUND   - Donates $10,000 to the city without
         using your own money
LLAMA  - Shows a screen about llamas
T      - test information appears
v      - version information appears

Creative Fencing: 
Instead of using fence to keep the animals in, use 
irrigation ditches! Your animals can't escape! 

Phantom Water: 
While playing, place your empty water trough under 
your haybales using the hand icon. Now set the speed
option to ultra and you can take the water trough  
back out after about 10 to 15 seconds. TH trough 
should be full without having to pay for a new one.

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