Ultimate Soccer Manager 2 Game Cheats

Extra Money:
Set a player in the transfer list for 
999999999, and in a couple of weeks a
team will buy him for that.

Unlimited money:
Raise the pay of one of the coaches to $999,999,999 per 
week. Then, offer him a new contract. The coach will now 
want a contract for approximately -$14000000 a week. 
Accept the contract to receive that amount in your account 
every week. 

Free players:
Replace the first two digits of the price with zeros when 
players cost more than $23,000,000. 

Rapidly improving players:
Do not buy any coaches, but still select players to train as 
you usually would if you had coaches. The players will improve 
the selected statistic by one point each week, and youth players 
will improve even faster. If players are left training on this 
statistic when they reach 99, they will keep improving to numbers 
over 100.

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