Underworld - Bloodline Game Cheats

Submitted by: conner54

In Underworld Bloodline, owners of Half-Life can enter the world of 
Vampires and Lycans (Werewolves), in the midst of a centuries-old feud 
escalating to a bloody and brutal climax. Both sides seek The Hybrid, 
a human with the power to make their kind invicible. Action takes place 
on two maps, The City and The Train. 

In Underworld Bloodline, The Lycans battle in their human form, armed 
with a variety of weapons. The must acquire The Hybrid to overthrow the 
Vampire horde. 

Special Abilities: 
The Lycans possess superhuman speed, which can be accessed by pressing 
the "shift" key while running. 

The Vampires no longer drink the blood of living creatures. In Underworld 
Bloodline their sole mission is to protect The Hybrid from Lycan capture, 
using a variety of weapons to stop any enemies in their path. 

Special Abilities: 
The Vampires can leap extraordinary distances; press the "shift" key 
while jumping to use this ability.

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