Vietnam - Black Ops Game Cheats

Submitted by: Christopher Eastman

Typing the letter T on your keyboard will open up the 
game interface. With the game interface open,type the 
word or your cheats in.

Code       Result
AMMO     - gives you all the ammo.
WEAPONS  - gives you all the weapons.
NOCLIP   - you go into a "steath" mode. You cannot shoot 
           anything,but you will be invisible to the enemy 
           and be able to walk through the walls and such.    
           To exit out of this mode type the word-NOCLIP again 
           and you will exit out of that mode.
GOD      - this will put you into 'GOD MODE' and you cannot die. 
           Type it again to out of 'GOD MODE'!
REMOVEAI - removes all enemy
EASY     - sets game to easy mode
NORMAL   - sets game to normal mode
HARD     - sets game to hard mode

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