Virtual Deep Sea Fishing Game Cheats

Most of the fish you'll catch will be on LIVE bait 
(although you can use artificials to catch certain 
The first thing you want to do is pick the boat for 
the task. I usually go with a craft that has greater
REVERSE speed (this places less tension on the line  
and helps you land the fish much quicker). Although 
you might try a faster turning boat for fish that 
have blazing turn speeds like Mako sharks and certain
billfish, after you're on the water here is where 
things get tough. 

Leave your drag set at the middle. 
When a fish strikes, start reversing the boat and try
to keep the line and angler (guy in boat) in a straight
with each other because it places less stress on the 
hook and line as well. As the fish starts to become 
tired there will be more white and less red near the 
marlin on the fight meter; this is the time to start 
Click on the mouse button as you chase the fish. The 
added tension will wear them down so they do not run 
off with your line. 
Another thing to remember, especially with marlins and 
other fish, is that they're very "boat shy." Expect 
them to start hauling fin when they're near the boat. 
You also have to watch that the fish doesn't get under
the boat; otherwise it'll snap the line automatically. 
Try to keep the boat BEHIND the fish, especially when 
near the boat; then you can park the boat over it as 
you finish it up. 

Cheat mode:
Start the game by running the VDSFishdt.exe in the game 
folder instead of the normal shortcut. Press [F11] to 
force a fish to bite your hook. Press [F12] when a fish 
bites to automatically catch it.

Catch a tiger shark:
Press [Forward] + [Back]. If done correctly, your boat 
will be moving very slowly and the next fish that bites 
will be a tiger shark

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