Wacky Wheels Game Cheats

Submitted by: Enigma Question
Email: tbcat2001@yahoo.com.ar

Press and keep the fire button during a race to
obatain an ice shoot

Press and keep the fire button on start of a race to
freeze your opponents some seconds

Try these command-line parameters:
/TURBO - Turbo mode; press BREAK and FIRE to accelerate
/JUMP  - Jump
/HOG   - 99 hogs
/ICE   - 99 ice
/FIRE  - 99 fire balls
/NOW   - Skip intro
/KID   - Kid mode
/KID   - Kid mode

You can combine these parameters

submitted by jeansy

* Want to see the blowfish from Keen?  Start a one player race,
  when the other players take off, hold down the brakes and the
  left arrow.  After 1.5 turns or so, the fish will show up.

* Level shortcut: Firstly, make sure you have a game saved on Player
  One mode (i.e. play one track and then hit ESC to save and exit) and
  then go onto the Wacky  Wheels Info screen.  Select 'Ordering' option
  and the game will show you a Panda on Silver Wheels track 2.  (To
  drive any other racer, keep quitting and loading the 'Ordering'
  screen back up until you have the driver that you want.  No load back
  up your saved game and BINGO!  You now play Silver Wheels track 2!

Character and level select:
Begin game play, select any character. Select "Amateur" level, a six lap
race, any engine,
and start the "Bronze Wheels" race. Quit and save the game after the race
begins. Allow
the demonstration mode to start. Stop the demo when the desired character or
race is
displayed. Restore the game that was saved to resume with that character and

Start a race in two player head-to-head com-bat mode. Hold [Fire] + [Brake]
to get a
turbo boost.

Ice cube:
Start a race in single player mode. Hold [Fire] until you get an ice cube
that can be shot
at other players to stall them out.

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