Warlords - Battlecry Game Cheats

Type these codes while playing the game:

Code            Result 
IAMATANK      - God Mode 
IAMASEER      - Reveal Map 
IAMALOSER     - Lose Scenario 
IAMAWINNER    - Win Scenario 

Man your mines. A converted mine doesn't produce nearly as 
much gold, metal, or whatever as a mine with workers in it 

Hot-key those spells. Heroes are powerful characters, but 
much of their power is lost if you spend too much time 
hunting for a spell to cast. 

Remember that Warlords: Battlecry like other real-time 
strategy games is basically a game about economy (and 
heroes). Make sure that you keep the resources flowing 
and the research running, if you hope to win. 
There is nothing more frustrating than coming up against 
a squad of human Archers who due to research at the Archery 
Range out-range yours. Well, actually there are things that 
are more frustrating. Have you ever stuck barbed wire in one 
eye and pulled it out the other? I hate it when that happens.

Submitted by: leu_radu92

If you want to have a very powerfull unit which you could carry on 
to other misions you shold listen to me. I recomend you should use 
the dwarf general or an earth elemental for this because they can 
destroy buildings much easier. All you have to do is enter a easy map, 
destroy your foe's building till only a few remain and then build a 
lot of palling. Take your unit and destroy it. It could take some time, 
but you will have a powerfull unit if you spend about half an hour of 
destroying palling. Happy palling destroying!

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