Who wants to be a Millionaire? Game Cheats

Hard Game:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Enter Will Valdez as a name for a harder game.

Submitted by: Carl Simpson
On the 5th queston press ctrl,alt and you can 
see homer simpson as Chriss Tarant it realy works

Easier Questions: 
When Regis asks for your name, don't type anything, and he 
will type Kathie Lee. The questions will now be easier. 

Game exit:
Do not press any keys during the during the contestant 
The game will eventually quit by itself.

Harder Questions 
To have harder questions type your name in as John 
Carpenter. Then you should have somewhat harder questions 

Make Regis Mad...method 1 
During the fastest finger contest, if nobody answers 
it right in a long period of time Regis will get mad 
and the game will turn off. 

Make Regis mad...method 2 
When it gets to the part where Regis asks how many 
players are playing, do not answer. Regis will make 3 
or 4 funny comments and the game will turn off. 

Repeated Questions 
Thave easier Questions type your name as Regis Philbin 
and you should have questions you have had before.

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