Will Rock Game Cheats

Submitted by: conner54
Defeating Zeus:
Use Titan Damage and Immortality, then make your way to Zeus's throne. 
Go underneath his feet and shoot from there. He cannot reach you with 
lightning or fire. Watch out for the smaller enemies.

Submitted by:  Rickster
I found that by pressing "Alt + 3" during game play, Will Rock was instantly 
put in "god-mode". I have never played a 3D shooter with such an easy approach 
to cheat codes, I am not complaining; I'm just glad that it works! 

Submitted by: Duc Nguyen

Alt+E - Godmode

Submitted by: Siavash

Do you want make the game easy? It is realy easy just wright RICHSTER then 
push ALT+9 it will make some cheats free then push ALT+~ now you can fly and 
if you want to change your CREATURE push ALT+5 and if you want to kill all 
enemies that you see push ALT+6.

First write RICKSTER in the game(when you are playing) then push the ALT+3 
for GOD-MODE,ALT+9 for allowing to some other cheats the press ALT+~ for flying

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