X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Game Cheats

Tip 1: 
Reduce your throttle when turning tight against an opponent, 
but not below one-third, and you will almost always cut inside 
your enemy for a sweet deflection shot.

Tip 2:  
To prevent this from happening to you, also cut speed in your 
turn, but then do a half-roll and accelerate away from your 
enemy at a vertical right angle to the path on which you came 
into the turn.

Tip 3:
Imperial pilots should never go head-on against Rebels unless 
they're flying the gunboat. TIEs should always make fast, 
slashing attacks from the rear or sides only.

Programmer names
When the eject alarm sounds, try to survive for over one minute (without 
exploding or getting your shields out of critical range). "Eject" will 
disappear from the alarm light, and will cycle through the various names 
of the game's programmers. 

Pizza delivery
Play as the Empire under the medium difficult setting or higher and select the 
Warhead Interception training mission. Complete all the primary and bonus objectives. 
Do not end the mission. Instead, keep the Imperial Platform in view and keep your 
ship parked. Messages will begin over your radio seven minutes after your last 
objective was completed; with a pizza getting ordered. A large Imperial fleet will 
appear with the pizza, with a funny outcome.

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