You Don't Know Jack - Sports Game Cheats

*Note: The same strategies applied to the original 
You Don't Know Jack game can be used in Sports as well, 
such as the following hints & tips;

To skip the explanation of the game, hit the space bar 
after you've entered what type of game is being played 
(i.e. 7 or 21 question game)

If you're confident in your trivia knowledge, buzz 
in as soon as the host starts reading the question. 
You then have a few seconds to finish reading the
question and answer. This will put you ahead in the 
buzzer department.

DO NOT buzz in as soon as the new question comes up  
if you try and buzz in before the host starts reading the 
question, he will make the question disappear and then make 
you try and answer it. Very tough, if not impossible!

Wait and read the clues on the Gibberish questions. 
The clues are very helpful in determining what the 
jumbled phrase is.
"Screwing Your Neighbor" is a valuable tool in YOU DON'T 
KNOW JACK. "Screw" on high value questions (i.e. $2000 for 
more) and if it looks like your opponents don't know the 
answer, "screw" 'em!

The "Jack Attack". Keep your finger on the buzzer (not 
pressing the key, just lightly resting on it). This will 
give you a slight time advantage over your opponents. 
Buzz-in as soon as you see the corresponding word, but 
"remember the clue!!"

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