Zoo Keeper Game Cheats

Submitted by: rickHH

Here's a very low-benefit trick for Zoo Keeper: 
start the game and immediately crash into an animal. 
If you have never jumped before this silly action, 
you won't lose a life: the game will simply advise 
you that you need to jump over animals to avoid them 
and round 1 will start again from its beginning. 

This seems actually to depend on a time limit. You 
can get away with proceeding clockwise around the 
cage, waiting at the spot where the first mug appears, 
then moving to the second mug's spot. Immediately after 
you collect the second mug, run into an elephant. The 
way this usually works is that you have to jump two 
elephants on your way around, but the game still gives 
you a free life. Best of all, you get to keep the points 
you scored!

An obscure trick: On the coconut boards, when you jump 
onto the top ledge, you get some points. Jump off the 
ledge then onto it again: you'll get twice as many points. 
And again, for four times as many. The bonus keeps doubling 
until 300K per land. The best board to try this on is the 
board where the ledges are invisible. It's kind of hard to 
jump on then off, but so few coconuts are thrown that you 
have lots of room for error.

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