Zork - Grand Inquisitor Game Cheats

Submitted by: Robert Fahey

ALL the easter eggs in Zork Grand Inquisitor

I sent you one ZGI easteregg recently.
Here's a complete list:

Type MIKESPANTS at any point in the game, then 
navigate through the easter egg screen. It shows pictures 
of ZGI team members inserted into scenes from the game.

Type EAT ME in front of the skeleton in the Hades Subway 

Type WHOAMI at the credits screen and you will get a 
list of people's names who worked on ZGI: clicking on a 
name will type out a personalized greeting from that person

Type KILLMENOW at anytime in the game

Type HUISOK at the Hades' phone just before you solve the 
phone puzzle, then go ahead and solve the phone puzzle

From the main menu, press the credits button. Once credits 
begin displaying, type WHOAMI. You will see a list of names, 
which you can click to display messages from some of the 
people who made Zork Grand Inquisitor.

Listen to the Dungeon Master, and save the game before you 
start playing the maze game on the lottery ticket.
One of the game's vital spells, Yastard, can only be gained 
if you make the DM a cup of fairly repulsive cocoa. 
The ingredients are: fudge, moss of mareilon, honeycomb,
and hungus lard. Naturally, you have to use his food processor 
to make it, and you'll have to have something to warm it up in.

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