Technical Tips : Improve Your Google PageRank

Simple Steps to Improve Your Google PageRank

1. Valid Code : The HTML/XHTML for the site should be valid. Easily checked at the validators. Use HTML Validation Service ; CSS Validation Service
2. Title Pages Properly : Search engines can only read a portion of a long title. Stay in the 60-90 characters, 10-20 words range.. The sitename + keywords should be upfront.
3. Tags - Name and Keyword : Use proper meta tags - though their importance has decreased in the past few years.
4. Sitemap : If your site has lots of folders and subfolders, then the site should have a sitemap with major site tree structures linked. So that search-engine robots can traverse the tree.
5. CSS Content and Navigation Properly : Use CSS to place your content before navigation elements on your page. This will avoid the navigation element snippets showing up on search engine site desciptions.
6. Read up Google Information for Webmasters : Google has a section for the most frequently asked questions from webmasters. See Google Information for Webmasters
7. Add Site URL to Google : All search engines have "Add a Site" link - add your URL for thier robots to visit. See Google Add URL
8. Unique Content : The site should have unique content not easily available on other pre-existing very popular sites. It is very difficult to displace heavily-linked highly popular existing sites.
9. Keywords : Keywords relevant to the content on the site. You'll hear terms like keyword density and keyword distribution - that means the number of keyword terms per page - which could be incorporated into page titles, headings, sub-headings and content.
10. Inbound links from other relevant Sites. : The site should have other sites linking to it. Not all inbound links are equal. Sites which are highly ranked themselves are more important than lower ranked sites. Avoid services that add to linkfarms on lots of pages.
11. Inbound links from Blogs : Multiple blog links to a given page can very quickly increase that single page's ranking. Since blogs quote a portion of your text on their pages, your page will get a high ranking for that snippet.
12. Blogger : Start a blog at blogger. Edit the template to include a link to your own site on every page. Blog regularly about your industry. See Blogger
13. Pay-Per-Click Use AdSense. If you are going to pay for traffic, you'll have to experiment with keywords and prices and the actions people take after arriving on your site. There are no magic formulas to price. One thing you can do is to strip away all extraneous information from the landing page so that the user has only the desired path to take/action to perform when they come to your site - be it signing up for a newsletter or buying that widget.
14. Google Sitemap Beta : Submit you sitemap to Google sitemaps for possible visit. No harm in making it easier for Google to visit you. See Google Sitemaps Information
15. Avoid SEO Services Lots of people/companies are offering this. Think about it. Only one site can be #1 for any given keyword. Only 10 on the first page. Google learns from people's searches. If a site reaches rank #1 by crook, and more people click the rank #2 site when they search for the keyword, Google reverses the positions and the site quickly drops out of the first page. People are voting by their search and click combinations and Google is learning. Search Google for the term "Search Engine Optimization" - the #1 site is SubmitExpress ; then ask anyone offering this service - How come your site is not #1 ?!

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