Aliens Vs. Predator Gold Game Cheats

Start the game with the "avp.exe -debug" command line 
parameter. Then while playing a game, press "~" to 
display the console.  
Then enter one of the following codes while playing as 
the indicated character (Marine, Predator, Alien or any) 
to activate the corresponding cheat function:  
(all character must be capital letters)

MOTIONTRACKERVOLUME # - change motion tracker volume [# is any 
                        number between 0.00 and 1.00]
MOTIONTRACKERSPEED #  - change motion tracker speed [# is any 
                        number between 1 and 16]
GIMME_CHARGE - replenish energy supply

CROUCHMODE 0/1 - toggle crouch and crawl off/on

ALIENBOT         - create CPU-controller Alien
GIVEALLWEAPONS   - all weapons and ammo
GOD              - God Mode
LIGHT            - create light aura, input again and again 
                   to get brighter
MARINE BOT #     - create # of CPU-controlled Marine
PREADOBOT #      - create # of CPU-controlled Predator-Alien
PREDALIENBOT     - create CPU-controlled Predator-Alien
PRAETORIANBOT    - create CPU-controlled Praetorian-Alien
XENOBORG         - create CPU-controlled Xenoborg
SHOWFPS          - display frame rate
SHOWPOLYCOUNT    - display number of rendered polygons
LISTVAR          - in game help
LISTCMD          - display cheat commands
TIMESCALE #      - change game speed [# is any number between 
                   0.00 and 1.00]
WIREFRAMEMODE 0/ - toggle wire frame mode off
WIREFRAMEMODE 1/ - toggle wire frame mode on (background in frame 
WIREFRAMEMODE 2/ - toggle wire frame mode on (your body on frame 
WIREFRAMEMODE 3/ - toggle wire frame mode on (all on frame mode)
DOPPLERSHIT 0/1  - toggle Doppler shift on Alien sounds off/on
SKY_RED #        - adjust amount of red in sky [# is any number]
SKY_GREEN #      - adjust amount of green in sky [# is any number]
SKY_BLUE #       - adjust amount of blue in sky [# is any number]
LEANSCALE #      - adjust amount of blue in sky [# is any number]
*note: You can't save in debug mode

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Finish Level I on Medium Difficutly with 80% or more 
accuracy, and get the "Pigstick" Cheat. The "Pigstick" 
cheat releases about 10 spears from the speargun. 
EXTREMELY effective at close range.

Get the Sipemunch:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Getting 10 civilian live head-bites in alien level 1 
will get you snipermunch! You can head-bite from long 

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Finish Level II on Medium Difficulty gathering, 25 or more 
trophies, and get the "SuperGore" Cheat. The "SuperGore" 
cheat is self-explanitory. It increases gore by about 3 or 
4 times.

Infinite Grenades in Co-Op Mode:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Start a Co-Op game on a level of your choice. Choose 
Marine-Grenade as your class. You have three classes of 
grenades: Normal, Frag, and Proximity Mine. Shoot off all 
rounds of your two least favorite types. After all of two 
types of grenades have been fired off, fire off all of your 
favorite type of grenade. After you are completely out of 
grenade ammo, press the button you have set as secondary 
fire. You should now have a just about infinite amount of 
your favorite type of grenades.

In multiplayer, Marines will find that it's a good 
tactic to stand back-to-back and be ready for anything. 
One should cover the floor, with the other watching the 

Take your time as the Predator. Use your blaster on the 
Aliens; the spear gun and shoulder launcher are ideal 
for killing humans. 

When playing as the Alien, rush your victims while keeping 
the action key depressed. You'll slice and dice like a 

Submitted by: rickHH

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