Alladin Game Cheats

Submitted by: Rianne

Press ~ after starting the game at the screen where 
the items are described. Proceed for two more screens 
and press [backspace] at the screen with the magic lamp.
This enables the cheat mode. Then, press one of the 
following keys during gameplay to activate the cheat.

Result                         Key
Level Select                  - 1A through 1M
Level Skip                    - [keypad +]
Five Apples                   - A
Five Gems                     - G
Toggle Invincibility          - H
Toggle Free Movement          - M
Toggle Objects in some levels - U

Submitted by: ankush mahajan

To defeat jaffar in the last stage do not go near him 
and try not to be pulled by him or you will die. 
Hit him with apples at intervals and then *after 
killing him he will become a snake. Try to hit the 
snake with apples and GAME OVER!

Skip level:
Submitted by: ankush mahajan

Pause the game and then type ABBAABBA during gameplay.
This will skip the current level.

Skip Level:
At the first title screen, type 'lamp' you will hear 
Aladdin say 'yeah!' like he does when you get a life. 
You know it has worked. Start the game as usual. 
Press '1' to move onto the next level.

Submited by: malik faisal hayat

pause and enter {assaassa}and enjoy new stage

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