Caesar 3 Game Cheats

Submitted by: Ankur Agarwal

start a new game and then make a well and the right click the well 
and press alt+k . Then close the well information window and the 
press alt+c to gain money untill 5000denril (this will happen only 
when the money is less then 5000.

another cheat is after doing this for instant victory press alt+v 
and complete the objectives. 

Submitted by : Mudit & Nishant(

Whenever u play a particular level & want to use the 
buildings/options of another level/situation u just 
have to start the required level , select the building
(like military academy,colosseum etc) , then load yr. 
level & click on the land. & bravo the building is there!

Note - U must not right click the mouse at anytime while 
applying the cheat.
for example - 
1) If U are playing a 'peace' level & the local tribes are 
troubling u then select any military building from the war 
level & 'paste' it in yr. level . Then build yr. army & 
kill of the tribes with yr. army! (The Army is better than 
yr. local force)

2) for entertainment , u can also take the colosseum from 
a higher level & paste it in yr. own.

Submitted by: deepesh

In the file c3_model.txt under the emp cateogory 
change the number into 1. in all the things they will 
need only one person to work.

Submitted by: dawn wolfe

Press the Right Mouse Button on a well. Press [Alt] + K, 
then enter one of the following codes.
Note: Some versions of the game require [Ctrl] to be 
pressed in addition to [Alt].

Effect                                          Code 
More money, if currently less than 5000 denari  [Alt] + C 
Instant victory                                 [Alt] + V  

Game file cheat:
There is a file caleed c3_models.txt in your Caesar 3 directory. 
This file will let you change just about everything in the game. 
Just read the simple instructions, then find out what all the 
numbers mean, and you're all set.

Another money cheat:
In the Caesar 3 directory, there is a file called c3_model.txt. 
Open that file and look for the word dig. 
On the first line, change the number to a negative number, ex. -1000. 
Now, whenever you destroy some terrain or a building, 1000 denarii 
will be added to your funds.

Money cheat:
Use this cheat when you get the option of going into the Senate.  
Click the Emperor icon in the Senate. Give yourself a wage of 500 
denarii (Caesar's wage). After a few months, when you accumulate 
about 3000 denarii, go to the same screen and press the "Give to 
city" button. Click the "all" button in the dialog. Then press 
the "give" button. Notice that you have no savings at all.  
Press the "Give to city" button again.  
Just press the "give" button again, and your savings go into 
negative digits.  Keep repeating this and you'll have a fortune. 
And don't be afraid to turn off the Senate screen. 
You can turn it off, and return to it later to give yourself 
more money.

Cheat 2:
In the Caesar 3 folder, there is a file named "c3_model.txt". 
When you open it up, you will find all the values for the 
items in the game. There is some instructions included within 
that file, but not all the instructions are there. The first 
section named "All Buildings" is where you can change the price, 
desirability, desirability steps in tiles, desirability steps 
in size, max desirability range, number of people a buildings 
employs, and future expansion.
Here is an example:
Note: Pay attention only to the values within the { and }
12 den is the price, 3 is the desirability, and so on in order 
Here is where it gets good. :)
According to this, you will have to pay 12 denari in order to 
build a garden. Change that number to a negative and when you 
build a garden, they will pay you!
for instance:
Now with that setting, when you build a garden, the computer 
will pay you 1000 denari and adds it to the city funds. You 
can do this with any setting.
Another thing you can do is change the second number to high 
number and nothing will have detrimental effects on property.
The first is pretty self explanatory since the instructions 
are on the .txt file itself.
The second part of this file is named, "All Houses"
This took a bit of trial and error since the names of the values 
were not given. Here is what I came up with with trial and error. 

 Here is a sample from the file:
 a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p
 q r s t ... to Z
 House 1 - 
 House 2 - 
 House 3 - 
 House 4 - 
 House 5 - 
 House 6 - 
Only pay attention to the numbers after the {       
going accross, I will assign each number a letter in the alphabet 
for easier understanding. :)
(In most cases, the lower the number, the less the demand for that 
item the houses need to evolve. Also, unless where specified, the 
lowest number should be a zero.)
A. Desirability level at which the house will devolve. (-99 is the 
   lowest I have tryed, when at that level, you can build the house 
   next to anything and it will evolve. Raising the number to say, 12, 
   will make the house want a more desirable location in order to keep 
   it from devolving.) 

B. Desirability level at which the house will evolve (same concept, 
   the lowest I have tryed is -99. This makes it require a number above 
   -99 in order to evolve.)
C. The higher the number, the more likely the house will devolve. 
D. Water Supply
E. Religion, lower number = less religion required.
F. Education
G. Evolve back to. When this value is set to a 1, that house can 
   devolve. When it is set to 0, the house can not devolve.
H. Barbar
I. Bath
J. Demands for health building (e.g. Doctor, Hospital) 
K. Food Access.
L. Pottery
M. Oil
N. Furniture
O. Wine
S. Number of people to occupy that building.

Also beware, if you set out to make a rich neighborhood, I found out 
the hard way that they do not like to work, so expect things to go 
really bad. Fires, building falling down, no food, riots and 
barbarians all at the same time kinda deal... So try to make each 
building only one square each so they can't expand into the great 
big Luxuary Villas.

Quick soldiers:
Place a barrack in a location so it is not connected to roads, 
and thus not accessible to workers. Quickly place additional 
barracks in similar locations to quickly produce soldiers. 

Mystery goods:
If a cart pusher gets to a warehouse to export some goods when 
there is none, he will still get a load and they will pay for it.

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