California Games Game Cheats

Although the manual says it's two player, up to 4 
can be Comlynxed. It may take a few tries, but keep 
at it. (It's also a bit slow, but hey, it wasn't meant 
for 4 players.. :)

If you stay just a little (about one pixel) above the 
place where the grass meets the dirt there won't be 
anything in your way (Like those pesky bales of hay).

You can crash the game by hitting the bale of hay on 
the bottom of the track just before the finish line. 
The game will freeze and the only thing you can do it 
turn it off.

Tiny tid-bit: If you're going _really_ fast when 
you cross the finish line and jump just a little 
after crossing it, you will end up crashing into
something you can't see way to the right.

In the surfing game, you can ride the pelican. Run 
your last man into the bottom of the screen a few 
seconds before the timer runs out. The bird will
fly across the screen until the timer runs out and 
you'll land on it!

It's possible to do an UNREAL 360 (5 360's) for 1200 
points (As opposed to 600 for a Quadruple 360)
Also in the manual under Foot Bag it says:
"Score an extra 50 points for hitting the seagull in 
the beak with the foot bag (but only in this game - 
be kind to the birdies in the other events)."

Hitting Option 2 while skating will show off the Lynx's 
awesome scaling capabilities.

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