Candy Is Dandy Game Cheats

These cheats will only wortk with version 1.5 of 
Candy is Dandy.
From the game screen, type the word indicated 
(without quotes), and the result will follow: 
This will clear the cheat key buffer if you 
make a typo on a cheat. This is important because 
otherwise if you cheat, and make a typo, you won't 
be able to use any cheats until you restart the program. 
This is a trivial thing, really. It just pops up a box 
that says 'Bloody cheater!' 
Places you in 'swap' mode, where you can swap any two 
pieces on the board one time. If you wish to use it again, 
you must type swap again. 
Immediately ends the game in the 'normal' fashion, exactly 
as though you had completed a game. 
This will immediately raise you up one level. Your score 
will immediately raise to the point score of the next 
level also. 
This will pop up a dialog box allowing you to raise to any 
level you wish. If you type in a number 99 or greater, the 
game will end immediately.

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