Capcom Bowling Game Cheats

The biggest tip for Capcom/Coors Light Bowling: 
PLAY WITH THE KEYBOARD! It's a heckuva lot easier 
to get precise control of the ball with arrow keys 
than with a trackball. Play with the trackball only 
if you've mastered the game with the keyboard or if 
you want a true arcade experience. 
To get a strike most of the time, position the ball 
between the 3rd and 4th dots behind the foul line. 
Also, move the ball closer to the foul line, but do 
NOT cross it. The closer you move the ball to the 
foul line, the more you may need to nudge your ball 
a little to the left. This is because when the ball 
travels slow enough on the lane, it will hook to the 
If the ball is over the line when you position your 
ball, and you have not thrown it, you can move it back 
behind the line with no foul (which is necessary if 
over half of the ball is across the line...a foul will 
be called if you try throwing it from that position)

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