Capitalism II Game Cheats

Submitted by: conner54

To activate cheat mode, enter: 
SHIFT + 6789 then click ok when cheat mode activated 
window pops up. 

Once cheat mode is enabled, enter the following code: 
ALT+C - gives $10,000,000.00

Capitalism II demo:
Submitted by: Sham Deshpande

Here's an excellent idea to play the full features of the game. 
In the demo version there are three campaigns. In all three campaign 
you are restricted to build only retail store and small factory. 
You can not build commercial buildings, appartments, mines, oil 
wells etc. You can not play random map game. So you do one thing 
to access all features. Save the game and load it! didn't got what 
i said? Do the following steps,

1. Start a game in campaign mode and select the tutorials ( you'll find 3 games)
2. Upon the start of the game press escape and select skip the tutorial.
   Click "Yes" when it prompts for confirmation.
3. Now press escape again and select save game. Give any name you want. and 
   click save. click OK when it prompts after the saving.
4. Now exit the game either to main menu or windows. restart the game and 
   select "LOAD GAME" option, load the game you saved.

And you'll see that all features are enabled. You can also get free money 
using cheatcode by pressing the keys 6,7,8,9, while hoding the "SHIFT" key. 
and a messege will appear to confirm cheat mode is enaled. and then press 
"ALT+C" to get 10 million bucks.
Simple to save $20. isn't it?
(Note: I worked out this method on the demo copy distributed by DIGIT 
magazine, circulated here in India. I don't know whether this'll work 
for newer demo versions or not. because if the company is aware of this 
fact, then they might be solved this bug. Anyway try this out.)

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