Clue Chronicles - Fatal Illusion Game Cheats

Installing the patch can cause lockups when you're trying 
to play games saved with the old version. To save your 
progress, copy your latest save-game file created with 
the patch to a temporary folder, reinstall the old 
version, then load the game and immediately save. 
Copy the save-game file created with the patch to 
the one that was just created in the Clue directory, 
using the name of file you're copying over. You'll 
still see the old save-game snapshot at the Load Game 
screen, but clicking the Save button will restore your 
patched savegame and save all your progress. 

Jot down the riddles whenever suspects recite them. If 
you don't manage to get it all, just go back and ask them 
once again these robots are more than happy to repeat 
themselves all day long. 

In several scenes, the forward and backward arrow icons 
change to mean "look up" or "look down," which usually 
indicates that there's something important you need to 
check out in one of those directions.

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