Clue Game Cheats

The only character in each mystery who tells a lie is 
the murderer. For instance, if Miss Scarlet says she's 
never touched the candlestick, but her fingerprints are 
all over it, then she's lying and therefore is the murderer.

Use the map often, because it's very easy to get lost in 
the virtual mansion. The map is located in the notebook at 
the bottom right corner of the screen.

The perfect way to nail the murderer is to know his or her 
alibi and then check it against the alibis of other suspects. 
For instance, if Miss Peacock says she was in the conservatory 
with Miss Scarlet, but Miss Scarlet says she as in the kitchen 
with Colonel Mustard, ask Colonel Mustard for his alibi. All 
alibis can be confirmed or denied by at least one other suspect. 
Again, the liar is the murderer.

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