Command & Conquer - Red Alert 2 Game Cheats

Build buildings far away from ur base:
Submitted by: George Tolmay

N.B: In Skirmish.

First make sure you have "MCV Repacks" on. Build ur power sources, then 
click on ur Mobile Construction Yard and click anywere on the map. When 
ur MCV can delploy, deploy it. Then build a power source then barracks 
then war factory and play on. Now build the rest of your buildings. 
The idea of this is, is that when you have  super weopons and the enemy 
has one to he will attack ur war factory first. Now this gives you a 
chance to destroy his MCY, while his building a super weapon attack. 

Submitted by: Carl Ellazar - Maasin, Leyte

In multiplayer game(usually), use your chrono legionaire to protect 
your structures. Make him attack your own building (ctrl-click)
protecting enemy airstrike. But hey stop him before your structure's 
Also, if you're using soviet team(in skirmish game), make yuris and 
once you can capture ifv's, load a crazy ivan and the unit becomes 
something like a demolition truck.

Submitted by: lonefalconbro

when you build a war factory build it away from ur base then if you have 
a iron curtain when the enemy attacks with a nuke or weatherstorm use the 
iron curtain on your war factory it works like a charm.

Submitted by: aktug dogan

take control the soviet country(russia,cuba,and others...)
when you build your mcv build ore rafinery and baracks and 
then build war factory create more teror drone(spider)and 
send all to enemy's war miner or chrono miner enemy lost 
all of war miner(chrono miner)his economy is fallen too.

Submitted by: Arsalan Mehdi

To destroy any building , just buid the choronosphere 
and make it completely ready,before getting it ready 
or after that build 3 to 4 prism tanks and then make 
them stand closely and then send them to any where or 
close to any buliding you wanna destroy then order the 
prism tanks to only attack that bulding or structure , 
they will destroy with thier two or three fires.

Submitted by: Ronen Ulanovski

If you playing allies you must to build Constrction Yard 
Ore Refinery and Barracks. Then build 20-100 rockeeters 
and go(fly) to enemy base and destroy soviet flaks or 
allied missile launchers and then destroy enemy Construction 
Yard and all other things.

Submitted by: MatSap

I dunno if other players can apply this cheat. 
In skirmish mode, just after you start the game, 
built power plant, ore refinery, barracks, and war 
factory. STOP building structures. produce 2-4 miners 
and min. 3 tanks. maybe you can build a couple (2-3) 
pillboxes/sentry gun, but that's enough! figure out 
where the heck you are in the map and the possible 
attack from enemy. try to defend your base with only 
tanks and anti-air units(IFV,rocketeers,flak trooper,
flak track). if you're an allies, build a repair vec.
(IFV+engineer).after each enemy attack, repair your 
tanks.use the environment as your defense advantage
(I send 2-3 snipers under the tree,hehe). then, after 
you successfully defend your base for several attacks, 
build other structures. (oh, I forgot, after you produced 
the miners, build radar. explore the map so you can see 
where/when the enemy will attack). don't built prism/tesla 
tower...waste of money and enerG.air defense structure 
are acceptable.Instead, to!
"upgrade" your defense, build 6-8 mirage/apocalypse tanks 
and place them in several strategic places to block the 
enemy (I really Mirage tanks,very effective defensive units!).
After you have plenty of money(okay,actually 9000 is enough 
to start), mass produce your primary assault units(prism tanks, 
apocalyse tanks) and build another repair vec.(if you're an 
allies) to cover the damage in the middle of attacks. producing 
add. anti-air units are also useful here (if you built apocalypse, 
you already have air defences!). then, start your attack. on my 
experiences 1 good,planned attack can destroy even the brutaliest
(is that right?) enemy. practice this strategy, modified it to 
your needs and finally you become the ultimate C&CRA2 strategist
(is that so?).I even tried it with 7 easy enemies,1 brutal and 
2 medium enemies, even 2 brutal and 2 normal enemies and only 
lose a couple (max. 19 units loss) in a battle. 
The key strategies-plan your game, use your units(and special 
units)! effectively, and be a "daredevil" in the battle (you 
know what I mean...). email me if you have something to share...

protect against nukes - and bad weather:
Submitted by: Arabo Babakhani 

when playing as allies (against computer) it is 
important to build your war factory and barracks 
away from the rest of your base. If the enemy launches 
the nuke, their first target is your war factory and 
then your barracks. You might also want to build a 
backup and set the rally points out of the range of 
the nukes. If you are playing as soviets, remember 
that they can do the same with you wit the lightening 

JOEY, Submitted the following Information:

if your an agreessive russian player and u want 2 rush 
in your enemy well first to do is build the power plant 
then the refinery then barracks then the radar next is 
the warfactory. when the warfactory is ready click on 
the miner next 2 rhino tanks then patience then get 3-4 
tesla tanks then be ready to attack plan ur attack on the 
contruction yard  have fun

Hints and Tips:
Submitted by: Matthew Phiong

Block the Bridges
To block a broken wooden bridge from being repair by 
enemy, all you do is put a dolphin/squid/sub inside 
the gap of a broken wooden bridge. This prevents the 
enemy from repairing the bridge, and they (most of the 
time) will not realise that your unit is preventing them 
from doing so. This tactic works brilliantly on some maps. 
So, if you block of their land forces you can concentrate 
on aerial/naval attack..

Ultimate NUCLEAR Weapon !!
For an extremely potent nuclear weapon. Play as Libya and 
build 4-5 demo trucks. Make sure your nuclear missile and 
iron curtain are ready and position all the trucks just 
outside the base. Use the iron curtain on as many as possible 
and then drive them into the base, equally spreading them out 
in a circle. THEN set your missile in the middle of the base 
and if done right it should set off all the demo trucks for 
Good Base Defence (Urban Maps)
This is a good base defence for those who play in urban map. 
Try to build as many GIs/Conscripts and garrison all the 
buildings near your base. This will stop your enemy from 
entering your base.
Cheap Demo Truck
For this tactic to work you need to have access to a 
Crazy Ivan/Terrorist and an IFV. Put the Crazy Ivan/Terrorist 
into the IFV and you got a nice cheap demo truck.
Soviet Tank Tactic
This tactic is good if you are Soviets. When you start 
your game build 2 Refineries and then when you have Power 
Plants and Barracks, build a War Factory. After that build 
a few Ore Miners, then build about 15 tanks, after that just 
attack them, I have won many games like that, it catches them 
off gaurd.
Anti-Iron Curtain
There are three ways to stop iron curtained units:
1 - Use Yuris or PSI Commandos to take them over
2 - Use Chrono Legionnaires to freeze them
3 - Use the Chronosphere to pick them up and then deposit 
them in the water or on cliffs
Spy Attack
This is common sense really - But the easiest way to beat 
the computer on brutal is to get a spy into one of their 
Refinerys - You will get from 15k to even 80k!! This will 
allow you to build a lot of tanks and other units - which 
should ensure victory without doubt.
How to Beat Brutals Easily
If you are playing against more than one Brutal enemy you 
should first build defenses and then Engineers. If the 
enemy is the opposite for example your Soviet and there 
Allie than capture the construction yard after the rest 
off the base is destroyed by using Prizm Tanks. Re-pack 
the MCV and breing it to your base or just build anywhere. 
Now you can be Allie and Soviet at the same time.

Useful Cows/Cars
Take over some cows or cars with a Yuri then control them 
go next to you enemys base then make a Crazy Ivan put the 
bomb on the cow or car. Walk it up next to your enemy bulding 
and BOOM !! Destroying or damaging the building.
Harvester Attack
The easiest way to destroy your enemy harvester - Rocket 
Build Anywhere
Wait until you have paradrops AND a building ready to be 
placed on the map, then click on paradrops icon in the 
sidebar (but don't deploy them yet!), then click on your 
building (the one that's ready). Now simply use the mini 
map in the lower right corner to deploy your building.

Submitted by: dannyboy
if you go allies and you put G.I's in F.M.V trucks it 
makes them fire machine gun bullets it can take up2 60 
men down. Have fun!

allies last mission:
samer, Submitted the following Information:

using your chronosphere, chronoshift the apocalypse 
tank garding the kremlin into the water then you can 
easily finish the mission.

Submitted by: Neo Cool

When playing as Soviets Build 5 or 6 Apocalypse. 
With them you can easy destroy your enemies.

Submitted by: Neo Cool

When you are playing on islands with brutal Soviet 
enemies, they will atack you with 2 or 3 Kirov Airships.
If you build large air defence system you can destroy 
airships.Also if you are playing versus brutal Allied 
enemies they will atack you with harriers (3 or 4).

Invincible jets (as the Allies):
Submitted by: j. van wageningen 
When your jets are about to take off, select guard and 
they will attempt to land. However, instruct the planes 
to attack as they are in the process of landing. 
When the enemy attacks them, they will be invincible. 

Invincible demolition trucks:
Construct five or six demolition trucks and have a fully 
charged iron curtain at ready. Move the trucks into an 
enemy base and activate the iron curtain around them 
before the enemy attacks. The trucks won't blow up until 
they reach their target. 

The Trojan bus:
Playing as the Soviets and use Yuri to take over a school 
bus with mind control. Load the bus with five infantry 
units and drive straight into an enemy base. The Allies 
will not fire on the "innocent" looking school bus. 

Defeat The Soviets with Ease:
Bibhash Nandi, Submitted the following Information:
Build at least 10-12 Harriers and keep them ready for use. 
Now, create a Weather Storm and make sure that you blow 
up enough Power Stations to knock out all the bases defense 
systems i.e, flak cannons, tesla coils etc. After the storm, 
all the flak cannons should be inactivated. Immediately use 
your Harrier aircrafts to blow up his Construction Yard 
(or any other vital structure) before power is restored. 
With all the flak cannons knocked out, your aircrafts will 
blow up his Construction Yard and the rest you can easily 
figure out. :-) 
Note: You can use this to blow up his Nuke Silo too.

Allies last Missions:
CimPin, Submitted the following Information:
When playing as allies, at The Kremlin (Last Mission), 
quickly build Chronosphere and 5 prism tanks, when the 
chronosphere fully charged, use it on all your prism 
tanks, then drop it near the Nuke' Silo, use all your prism 
tanks to attack Nuke' silo, after the silo destroyed, you 
can use the chronosphere on The Black Apocalypse's near 
Kremlin, drop it on the water, next step ???, up to you..

amrit, Submitted the following Information:
if you manage to capture a soviet and allied base build an 
I.F.V and put a carzy ivan inside it - send it into an enemy 
base - it will be 2/3 powerful as a nuke . build 5-10 crono 
ivans and send them into an enemy  base - set a bomb on every 
building and unit - and you win.

Submitted by: Darrin Lloyd
If you select a civilian building that is garrisoned by 
enemy troops and press \"d\" for deploy then the enemy 
troops will ungarrison themselves from the building and 
will sometimes attack it. I have only tried this in 
single player.

Submitted by: CimPin
Tip 1:
When playing as allies, at "Mirage" Operation, build 5 
enggineers, move them to the right side of the map, when 
all defence  base destroyed, move them to Red Armies Cons 
Yard, you can capture all the cons yard because their 
defence is still weak.

Tip 2:
When playing as allies, at "Deep Sea" Operation, move all 
your carriers and destroyers to the left side of the map, 
protect the carriers with destroyers, when the base island 
on the top of the map destroyed, move your carriers and 
destroyers to that island, and you'll find low defended 
base, use your carriers to attack Cons Yard. 
The Red Armies defeated before they can build Nuke' Silos.

Submitted by: Cyborg
When you play skirmicegames with superweapons, 
allways build your warfactory long away from you base, 
because the computer allway use his nuclear bomb or 
weaterstrom on it! So allways try to build away from 
your warfactory!

Soviet Superiority:
Submitted by: Gerson
When playing as Soviet, your Conscript is cheaper and great 
On early levels use them to conquer enemies! Make up sabout 
40 or 100 Conscript! And Attack!!!! (Duh!)

Soviet Super Attack:
When you're playing as Soviet, especially on later levels, 
use your Nuke Silo effectively! On weathered alliance, your 
nuke will be usefull. 
Attack the island using Apocalypse's and conquer the all! 
Send an engineer and make sure your nuke available. After 
that, capture the Batttle Lab, and wait until the map  enlarge, 
then use you nuke on the Weather Control Device. Have fun!

Soviet Super Attack 2:
When playing the Red Revolution, build Flak Cannon and Flak 
trooper! Dont forget Apocalypse's! And defend the west and 
east side of your base. Get ready for your nuke! And nuke 
the Kremlin House twice! (It wont repair! He..he..!)

Submitted by: mompie

Take a bus with Yuri over and put soldiers in it. 
The bus will not been attacked by the enemy.

Strategy for Soviets:
When playing as the Soviets against the Allies. 
Quickly build the Construction Yard, Refinery, 
Barracks, Radar, and War Factory. Then Build a 
Battle Lab. After that build one Kirov Airship. 
Then send the airship to the enemies base and bomb 
all the important stuff especially the Construction 
Yard. Then you are free to do what ever you want from 

Excellent base defense:
Submitted by: rickHH

1.Make 10-12 yuris and place them all around your base.
2.put them as team1 (ctrl+1) then when an enemy attacks 
use the yurys 2nd attack. this should destroy most of 
the attacking force.  

Good Use of the V3:
If you play as the soviets, one of the best way to use the 
V3 Rocket is to have about 3 Rhino tanks for each V3 Rocket 
to protect them. If you have about 5 V3 Rockets and 12 - 15 
Rhino tanks you can take out a medium base! One of the reasons 
is that the V3 Rocket fire very long!

The Magic School Bus (Soviet):
Take a Yuri and mind control a school bus (if they're on the map). 
You can put five infantry into the Bus and drive it into an enemy 
base, they won't fire on it.

Libyan Cheat:
Build five or six demolition trucks. Make sure you have a 
fully charged Iron Curtain. Send the Trucks into an enemy base, 
before they come in range of their weapons, cast the Iron Curtain 
on them. They'll be invincible until they reach their target, at 
which point they'll still explode even with the Curtain on.

Chrono Legionnaire (1):
Put one Chrono Legionnaire inside an Infantry Fighting 
Vehicle (IFV) to make a Chrono Fighting Vehicle.

Chrono Legionnaire (2):
Chrono Legionnaires packed together can zap an enemy building 
out of time, try it. Ten Legionnaires and above give the maximum 

Chronosphere Trick:
Want to have some fun with the enemy player? Charge up the 
Cronosphere and use it on the enemy unit, then drop it in the 
water. Watch the war miner go down to the bottom! Bye bye. 
Also try it on ships and drop them on land. Killing an entire 
infantry group is fun since infantry can die under the effects 
of the Chronosphere. Go ahead, try it!

Allied Advantage:
message: In Multiplayer or skirmish mode, use spies to infiltrate 
all enemy battle labs. This is to train new units like the physic 
commando (he can use the mind control and plant C-4 on buildings). 
Later, if you capture the base completely (meaning all buildings) 
you will get the Yuri Prime.

Super Tesler:
Build a tesler and then put as many tesler troopers around it as 
you can aford.The more you have the larger range and power it has.
Therefore if you have 20-30 it will be almost invincible!!  

Secret Character:
to get crono commando just send a spy into an allied Battle

To get PSi commando send a spy into a soviet Battle Lab

To get Uri Prime you must be An Allied team send a spy into a 
Soviet battle lab and capture a soviet mcv and build a soviet 

To get crono crazy ivan its the same just but instead of 
sending a spy into a soviet send him into an allied

Note: to get a spy to work you must select him am press on the 
enemy troop you want  to disguise as.

Unstopable Attack:
This hint will make any attack with the ALLIES 100% effective.
(1) Build x amount of dogs.
(2) Build half amount of soldiers (any type except Rocketeers)
(3) Build the same amount of tanks as soldiers. (any type)

Now set 2 dogs to guard a soldier and each soldier to guard a 
tank. Send the tanks to attack a base and they will be 
completely guarded. If someone attacks a soldier, the dog 
will tear him to bits, and if an attack on a tank is made, 
soldiers will take care of the problem. 

Secret infantry units:
If you send spies into your enemy's Barracks, Battle 
Lab and War Factory you can unlock secret infantry units 
and will be able to build tanks and other units already 
promoted with one stripe. For example, in battle with the 
Soviets the Yuri Prime, Chrono Ivan, Chrono Commando, Psi 
Commando can be unlocked.

Prism Tower creep:
Use the following trick to overrun any CPU controlled Soviet 
base as the Allies. It is especially useful in the second to 
last Allies mission, where you are pitted against a heavily 
defended base with three nuke silos which must be defeated in 
order to claim victory. First, create a very heavily fortified 
main northern base. Abandon the far northern mineral field and 
sell the ore factory there. The most important things in this 
part of the strategy are to create a reasonably well protected 
beachhead to the south of this base with Prism Towers and 
Patriot Missile Launchers. The second item involves some use 
of the Prism Tower creep strategy. First, build a Power Plant 
to the outside of your base in the direction of where you want 
to defend or attack. Then, build Prism Towers as far as possible 
in the direction you want to go. Finally, build another Power 
Plant next to the Prism Towers you just built -- thereby 
extending your range of building Prism Towers and also increasing 
your power supply in the process. Continue doing this and adding 
extra Towers where needed to create a solid line of access 
between Towers, and amplify the damage. Do this on the bridge 
just north of your base and blow it out so the enemy cannot cross. 
Fortify the Towers there with all the extra GIs you have around 
your base. Now that your northern base is well defended, proceed 
to the second step. Create an MCV and Transport Hovercraft and 
put the MCV into it. Next, go to the far right of the screen with 
the Hovercraft, and then straight down. This is the safest ship 
lane on the map. While you are moving south with the Hovercraft, 
have a Barracks and a Prism Tower building. Also watch the bridge 
by the northern base to make sure nobody has managed to sneak 
through your defenses. As soon as you land the Hovercraft on the 
far southern island, deploy the MCV and build your Barracks and 
Prism Tower. Then quickly build another Prism Tower and a Power 
Plant. When you have that base defended well enough, build 
another Ore Refinery on the southern island in case the nukes 
manage to take out the one on the main island and you are low 
on money. Employ the Prism Tower creep method mentioned before 
with a little more caution when building in range of Telsa Coils. 
You should be able to wipe out their base easily. Make sure that 
if they launch nukes, you repair or replace all buildings hit by 
them, especially those needed to build Prism Towers, as well as 
Powerplants. Another useful thing about having a base on the 
right side of the southern island is that this is where most of 
the enemy planes fly through. You can build Patriot Missile 
Launchers which will slow down or halt most of the enemy 
paratrooper activity on the northern island. Most of the time, 
the enemy will launch his nukes at either your ship building 
capabilities or the middle of your main base. Keep a spare MCV 
around in case it is taken out. This is not necessary, but is 
a precaution in case they figure out to attack the southern 
base via nukes. This strategy will allow you to complete the 
mission in near half of par time in easy mode. 

Defeating the Allies in a skirmish: 
Quickly make a Barracks, Battle Lab, and War Factory. 
Build one Kuscov airship and send it to the enemy's base, 
and bomb it. Bomb the construction site first so they cannot 
build, as well as ground to air missile turrets.

Submitted by: Rodrique 
it only work in the skirmish mode.
when you are loading the game you just type 
slowly ''dollarday''.than you will have 10000000 money.

Create four or five well-spaced power plants right off 
the bat in Skirmish or multiplayer games to bring up 
your power bar on the right-hand side of the screen, 
and then keep your eye on it. 

Be sure to garrison your troops into civilian buildings 
for extra cover while fighting the enemy; when the building 
starts to break down due to firepower, send in an engineer 
to repair it. 

Speaking of engineers...not only can they repair broken 
bridges or partially destroyed buildings, but they can 
also penetrate an enemy base and convert their structures. 

Create many "Tanyas" (Allied), or "Crazy Ivans" and "Yuris" 
(Soviet) in multiplayer games. They're the most versatile 
and skilled infantry units available for their respective sides. 

Although it's expensive, build an Ore Purifier to help 
squeeze more credits out of your mining expeditions.

Submitted by: arsalaan

This is a very easy game. I finished it in just 2 days. It needs a little 
concentration and not like that of command and conquer generals. in this 
game you should always try to make the defence first. Then create at least 
three mine sweepers.
then Make warfactory and all the other buildings. Make a lot of infantry 
and hide them in the buildings that come in the way when someone try to 
reach your base. In this way your infantry will become better then tanks.

Super Tesla Coil:
Submitted by: G4ceBoy

To have a good base defense build 4-5 Tesla Coil when you have 
sufficient money. Then recruit 5 Tesla Troopers (with Cloning 
Vats 10 Troopers) and "attack" with 2 each Tesla Coil. It will 
result in a further range and damage for the Tesla.(2 troopers 
on a Coil it`s maximum, 3 or more it`s a waste of money). They 
can also repower a "dead" Tesla Coil.

Power makers:
Submitted by: G4ceBoy

Although you think Soviet Tesla Reactor is cheaper, 600 $, it 
provide less power than a Allied Power Plant, which costs 800 $.
(the Power Plant gives you 200, Tesla Reactor only 150).Anyway, 
the Nuclear Reactor is the biggest power producer, but you must 
protect him at all costs because he can "irradiate" your base.

Submitted by: tamer of gods

build your defenses up to maximum ( u have to be playing as the french to 
do this) make a construction yard. go near the base and unpack it. then, 
build a power plant and then a grand cannon turret near it. keep on doing 
this around the undefended parts of the base. ur enemys base is destroyed.

Tip 2:
build loads of terror drones and invade ur enemys base with them. all of 
ur enemys infantry and veichles are destroyed.

Submitted by: dj

When playing as allie,one of the best way to attack your enemy, soviet or 
allie,is to make 8 or more mirage tanks, 5 or more prism tanks. Number 
you're mirage as 2 and prism tanks as 1. Mirage tanks are good in destroying 
tanks and other units while prism tanks can easily destroy enemy buildings.  
While the prism tanks are destroying the buildings of you're enemy, the 
mirage tanks will be the one to protect the prism tanks from any attacks 
of you're enemy. In attacking bring also a couple of IFV's if in case you 
were attack by rocketeers. 

Or simply make 15 or more (elite or not) rocketeers, move you're rocketeers 
close to the enemy base (not close enough to the base) then get a spy, 
infiltrate the enemy's power plant. Destroy first any anti-air attack units 
then destroy all power plants then the enemy will be low powered, then 
destroy the construction yard and all that is left with you're enemy.

Submitted by: El Batty Massiiiive

Build 1 transport, 5 APC's & 25 infantry units of your choice. 
Put all the infantry into the APC's, then load the 5 APC's into the transport. 
When you deploy the APC's from the transport, deploy the infantry from the APC's, 
so you'll end up with 25 infantry & 5 APC's.

Submitted by:hemanth

while playing aliied in order to counter a nuclear threat all you have to do 
is make a 2or3 IFV and same no of tanyas.load the tanya into the ifv and 
chronsphere them very near by the side of the ungarrison tanya 
and destroy the nuke can also make it easier by infiltrating a power 
station with a spy.this will shut down enemy power can also use 
this tactic during an air raid.

Submitted by: Kuba W
When you plaing as Allies, build Chronosphere, IFV, Engineer and 8-10 prism tanks. 
Make Repair IFV (IFV+Engineer) and teleport it and prism tanks by chronosphere to 
enemy base.Then Atack all buildings and see text YOU ARE VICTORIOUS!!!!!! =]

to destroy enemy base by allied forces:
Submitted by: ghazni


Submitted by: chiku

when ur playing as a russian then build as many as oil refinery because then u 
can have money from which u can make more barracks and warships.

Submitted by: ahmad taweeq 

Choose a unit from 6 soldiers or a tank then while pressing CTRL attak any 
thing you want to destroy like walls ,trees .horses or cows now you can destroy 
them and you can destroy any country from any side.
Submitted by: Gunjan Surana

While playing the game (Generally in the skimrish)sometimes some boxes (on land) 
and some rubber tyres (in water)appear. Go past your fleet or army across it and 
you will get some special powers I.E your that machine.But it has no effects on 
cars controlled by the yuri and by the blasting vehicles or persons. 

A good strategi is:
Submitted by:TeoB

First make your base(power plant,ore refinery,barracks and war factory).
Make 5 engineers and one transport helicopter.Put the engineers in the 
helicopter and take them to the enemy base.Conquer the construction yard 
with one of the engineers(take 5 so if one dyes you can replace him).
Then take the construction yard to your base(not with the transport 
helicopter,move it to the base).Then just put the construction yard 
somewhere and have the enemy tehnologies and it will be more easy to 
destroy the enemy. 

Submitted by: tristan otterpohl

Tesla tank:you must be allied.capture a soviet base then then you musttrain a 
tesla trooper and a IFV and put the tesla trooper in the IFV and you have tesla 
tank biuld loads of them and attack

Submitted by: George ThE MaN

You Can Build anywhere by pressing (Ctrl + C), and holding it to a safe place, 
only on the map. And you have it.


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