Command & Conquer - Red Alert Game Cheats

Get Allied & Soviet buildings:
Submitted by: Paul Murphy

I ussally play 8 player PC games allot, and this morning 
i found a good trick. First of all select 0 tanks in the 
skirmish menu, then keep on restarting a game until the 
enemy's MCV is really close to it, then build a barracks 
and 5 engeneers, send them all out to the main part of the 
base, if you did it quickly enough then the base should be 
yours (it changed colour), then simply take another engeneer 
to repair it and you will have allied & soviet buildings 
(except the war factory), but this cheat will only work if 
you are the soviets and the enemy is the allies or the other 
way around

Submitted by by: Dj Simo

When the game starts press Ctrl, Alt, Del, O, R, E, Enter. 
Now Ore Truck collect ores everywhere. This works only with 

Get your injured tank to service depot. When you hear repairing 
noise get tank away to service depot. Now get a same tank to service 
depot and it will be repaired ten time faster.

Submitted by: Khalid M

Build a Mine Layer and put in a group with something slow like Mammoth
Tanks. Then make them a group (Ctrl 1-9) and then a formation (f). 
All the units will travel the speed of the Mine Layer.

Change aspects of the game:
Submitted by: Jordan Thoms

To change nearly all things in this game,open "rules.ini"
(in the folder in which you installed Red Alert)in 
notepad(or something simular).If you scroll through 
this file,you will see that the is a unit name in brackets 
like this:[unit name].After that it will have what wepon 
it uses, who can use them, like: "owner=allies,sovet"(if 
both sovet and allies can buld this unit),and also there 
will be all the different speeds of unit,cost and other 
things. Before this section there are all the strenghs 
of the different countries,and after the units there is 
all the wepons.

Submitted by: Gokulavasan, Chennai

If you want the units (including soldiers and tanks) 
to attack on ground, just press CTRL and click on the 
location you want to attack. 
When you are fighting against the enemy, bettter fight 
with them on their nearest minerals so that they will get 
destroyed when bombs are being poured! This way it will 
help you to reduce their minerals and they will have no 
choice but to come nearer to you get the minerals and you can 
easily attack them.

This Hint works for allieds (only):
Submitted by: samuel

When U're fighting near bank of a river or sea, and Ur 
enemy('s) are desturbing U. use mine layer to deploy 
mines as close as posible to the water the will not be 
able to deploy by sea again.(Do not put rocket luncher 
or destroyes near the mines)  

20 Tanks:
Type in XPEINA518 when the game is loading and this will 
start you off with 20 medium tanks. 

No more silo's needed:
If your silo's start getting full, just build 
an expensive building. If the building is finished,
cancel the building.

Discover submarines:
Select a gunboat or destroyer and move the cursor into
the radarmap. If the cursor turns into a attack cursor,
then there is a submarine.

Fast building of vehicles:
You need more than one warfactories for this. If a vehicle  
is almost finished, quickly change the primary building and 
start building the same type of vehicle. Both vehicles will 
be finished at the same time.

Discover mines
If a building is finished and you get the placing - roster, 
go with this building around your base. If a part of the 
roster turn red and there is no obstacle near, then there
is a mine.

Here's a tactic of Red Alert 

Build a ChronoSphere, build a barracks but don't deploy it,
hold the training of Tanya before end, and build a MCV. 
When the ChronoShift is ready, Shift your MCV near your enemy's 
base. Then deploy the barracks near it and make it your primary
building. Quickly click the Tanya you've holded and with that 
Tanya; DEMOLISH your enemy's base!!!

Cruiser Speed Up 
Play as the Allies and group the cruiser together with a 
transport and then put them in formation. When they move 
together to the same spot, the cruiser will have the same 
speed as the transport. 

Free Men 
Build a missile silo. When the missile is ready, sell 
the silo and immeidately launch the missile. If you were 
quick enough, the sale will have stopped and some troops 
will come out of the silo. 

Long Range Grenadiers 
In multiplayer or the regular game, play as the soviets. 
Next, build a grenadier and have him force fire on the 
ground around him. Right before he throws it, click 
anywhere on the map and the greade will SAIL over to 
that point. 

Russian Tip 
When playing as the Russians, build a Tech. Center. 
After you build it, sell it. All the special characters 
you get from the Tech. Center will still be available, 
and you get back all that wasted energy you used on the 
Te ch. Center. You can now build more Tesla Coils to 
protect your base, and still have Tanya and the Mammoth 

Sell Your Vehicles 
To sell your vehicles, build a service depot and 
place a vehicle on it. Next put the SELL cursor on 
it and when it turns green press the left mouse button. 
This doesn't work with V2 Rocket Launchers. 

Selling Tanks and Harvesters 
If you want to sell your vehicles, like the ones you 
don't want or you are out of money and need that last 
little bit then this is the code for you. Here is what 
you do: build a Repair Facility and drive a tank or 
vehicle onto it and while it is on the very edge put the 
sell button on it and it will sell. (The sell icon will 
be green if you catch it at the right time.) My suggestion 
is to have the sell button ready. 

Soviet Playing Tip: 
When playing as the Soviets, when you have a Iron 
Curtain and a Missle Silo, send a tank into the enemy 
base. When he is attacked, use the Iron Curtain on him. 
When lots of enemys come around him, launch the atom bomb. 

View Credits: 
To view the ending credits, click on the Westwood logo on 
the title screen.

no way out:
Submitted by: vijay

OK this cheat is very very hard a few people have told me 
they did it. This cheat below will give you 25 light tanks 
2 mcvs  25 mini gunners 15 rocket men, you can only do this
once a game.  

Go to your game click on any tank then hold down shift and 
type tanksforever then click on an infantry and hold down 
shift and type gunsforever. then you will here a beep then 
your men will come. Note all must be done in at least 2sec 
so make sure you are a fast typer!!!

Derek Lake:
Submitted by: vijay

On the main menu of Red Alert, hold down the left shift and
left-click on the speaker on the right hand corner.  You 
will begin a campaign against huge man-eating ants!

Submitted by: vijay

mamoth tanks

1.go to multiplayer skirmish
3.pick eny colour pick russia should have mamoth tanks and airfields and subpens

Justin D:
Submitted by: vijay

To view the credits of Red Alert hold the left shift button 
on the keyboard down and left click on the Westwood 
Studios icon.
Submitted by: vijay

Engineer Capture Bug: When playing against more then 2 
players, (AI or human, no difference) You can cancel a
hostile engineer attack.
Simply ally with the engineer right before he enters your
building. Instead of damaging or capturing it,
he'll fully repair it instead!

Soon Qishan:
Submitted by: vijay

Build a cruiser and a transport. Group them together and 
make a formation out of them. The cruiser is 
moving at transport speed!

Submitted by: El Batty Massive

Build 1 transport, 5 APC's & 25 infantry units of your choice. 
Put all the infantry into the APC's, then load the 5 APC's into the transport. 
When you deploy the APC's from the transport, deploy the infantry from the APC's, 
so you'll end up with 25 infantry & 5 APC's.

Submitted by: Crazy Alan

For a lot of infantry, get the Airport, and make sure you have a good defense so 
that you can withstand any attack, and keep sending paratroopers into your own base.

I ended up with over a handred men in my base, though I can\'t use them, my enemy 
was on another island.

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