Dark Forces 2 - Jedi Knight Game Cheats

To enter these codes, press "t" while playing, 
then type the one of the words below. 

raccoonking - it gives ya mastery of both dark and light.

Submitted by: david
Code              Effect
jediwannabe on    Enable God mode     
jediwannabe off   Disable God mode     
red5              All weapons
wamprat           All items    
eriamjh           Flight mode
bactame           Full health  
yodajammies       Full mana
sithlord          Dark Jedi
imayoda           Light Master
raccoonking       All force powers
5858lvr           Reveal map
deeznuts          Level Skip
pinotnoir x       Warp to level X
slowmo on         Slow motion
slowmo off        Resume normal speed
thereisnotry      End level
white flag on     Disable AI
white flag off    Enable AI

Easter Eggs 
On level 5, navigate the canal until you reach the city. 
Enter the first building and go upstairs. Go back down 
the back stairwell and quickly run (Jedi Speed helps) 
around the corner towards the bridge. Right after you  
turn the corner, a woman will open a door which is normally 
locked for just a second. Quickly slip inside and you'll 
find the coffee achiever himself looking about, pistol in 
hand, ready to kick stormtrooper butt!
Go all the way to the end, to where you have to jump off 
the moving gantry onto the ledge on the ship. When you  
complete the jump successfully, you have a split second to 
do something. Turn 180 degrees and fall off the ledge. 
There, on the end of the receeding platform, is Max's face, 
three times!

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