Earthworm Jim 2 Game Cheats

Press P to pause game play, then enter one of the 
following codes to activate the corresponding cheat

Effect              North America    Europe 
Full energy         booster          save me 
Invincibility       luehmann         havneluder 
Extra life          gimme jim        i am a looser 
Extra continue      stick around     bab tarm 
9 money worms       load bait        bait 

Suicide l8tr jim i hate my hair and want to dye 
View ending sequence just cut to the end  i love cows 
Activate all passwords go anywhere  giv mig alt 
Advance to Anything But Tangerines level fruit  
Advance to Puppy Love level dublin   
Advance to Flyin' Kin level hoffman   
Advance to Cow Abduction level abrown   
Advance to Inflated Head level shiny shines   
Advance to Hammerhead level mortificator   
Advance to Blind Sally level quiz show   
Advance to Iso 9000 level blue   
Advance to Door Chase level morrison   
Advance to Level Ate level carlosr   
Advance to Flamin' Yawn level gomba   
Advance to See Jim Run level chase   
Screenshot1 say cheese  cheese 

1. The screen shot will be saved in the game directory 
   in IFF file format.

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