East Front 1 Game Cheats

This is a bug in the game while playing as a russian in 
a campaign: start playing the game and while the computer 
is playing press M to get the menu, choose file, and save. 
(here is the most important part - it will not be easy since 
the AI will be attacking you, but it is possible to do while 
the AI is moving his units) After saving, hit CTRL+ALT+DEL 
and close the game. (You have to do it also a few times to 
exit) Now relaunch the game, open your save game, and you 
will get a German player turn but YOU will be playing instead 
of him. You should be able to move the previously viewed units.
Try to exhaust their moving points and get closer to you or 
exposed for you units or make them assault 1 by 1 a group of 
tanks of yours to get eliminated.

When you finish pass the turn and the AI will continue as 
usual and give you the turn.

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