Formula 1 Champ Ed Game Cheats

Bonus modes and cheats unveiled: 
Every so often a developer goes overboard with its cheats, 
providing a stunning array of special modes, gameplay cheats 
and, best of all,pointless but obviously painstaking bizarre 
laffs. Normally, it's Japanese companies that excel here, but 
Psygnosis, and well-named F1developers Bizarre Creations have 
proved themselves more than a match with these inspired extras. 
To activate them simply enter the codesbelow as your driver's 
name. Best of all, you can edit any number ofdrivers'names, and 
the game remembers them, meaning you can enter allthe cheats, 
save them to a memory card and access them any time you like.
To delete characters from the drivers'names, select the last 
one andmove to between Z and A, when it disappears.

VIRTUALLY VIRTUALVirtual reality style graphics. For that VR 
racing experience. Strangely,taking the textures off does 
nothing for the game's pop-up.

SWAP SHOPBackground music and new sound effects. What you actually 
get is somefaint drum'n'bass and bizarre piano and synth tinklings 
in place ofthe normal collision noises. Odd.

LITTLE WEELZ Over-inflated tyres, and not slightly overinflated either. 
From thelower views they actually obscure the drivers view. Silly.

PI MAN Wipeout mode. This is one of our favourites. Takes the wheels 
off yourcar, kills the engine noise, leaves a glowing blue exhaust 
trail andbanks your car through corners.

ZOOM LENSE Helicopter viewpoint, ideal for a realistic Micro Machines 
experience,although awful to drive with as you can't see the corners 
coming.Also causes weird 70's Top of The Pops trail effects on the 

BOX CHATTER Murray and Martin sprite commentators. Another favourite. 
Two Bert andErnie cartoon heads sit on the info bar and lip synch to 
the commentary.

BILLY BONUS Four extra tracks, Yet another favourite and perhaps the 
most outrightuseful of the lot, this gives you four extra tracks, 
Sunob, Edialeda,Adia and, best of all, Sixties. The latter is amongst 
the best modeson its own. Viewed in crackly black and white, complete 
with lines onthe 'celluloid', it features a full line-up of those bath 
tub motorsStirling Moss used to drive.

CATS DOGS Rains frogs instead of water, Just plain odd.

OEAN ALESI Round 16 in Championship. Takes you straight to Suzuka.

TOO EASY Grants first place on all tracks in arcade mode allowing access 
to anextra track. A cheat's cheat, this one.



SWAP SHOP New Sound and Background music

New Camera Angles

Drive the car to the side and press select on controller 2 for new views

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