Formula One 99 Game Cheats

Stay off the brakes. The brake pedal has inexplicably 
been coded to behave exactly like a handbrake, so even 
the slightest steering input while braking for a corner 
will send you into an instant and unrecoverable snap spin. 
Simply lift off the gas to enact the auto-braking feature, 
and the car will slow down sufficiently for almost every 
corner in the game. 

If you find yourself getting into trouble after entering 
a corner too fast, you can avoid disaster by hitting the 
Pit Speed Limiter, which you can map to a convenient button 
on your joystick or wheel beforehand. This will slam you 
down to 75 mph in a heartbeat without upsetting the car in 
any way. (Just remember to turn it off again immediately.) 

The car-setup options are a bit of a joke, but down-force 
settings and gear ratios do affect your straight-line speed 
and should be adjusted appropriately. Most of the other 
options are nothing more than sugar pills, because you can 
easily set lap records on a wet track with slicks. And the 
brake-bias settings are redundant in a game in which employing 
the brakes is a recipe for disaster. 

Even with the Rules Enforcement option turned on, you can still 
get away with shortcutting many of the chicanes at most tracks. 
Keep experimenting to determine how far off the track your car 
can go without incurring a "shortcut" penalty. This is the only 
way to keep pace with the AI cars on most of the tracks at the 
higher difficulty settings.

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