Gabriel Knight 3 - Blood of the Sacred Game Cheats

Developer cameo:
Locate the bookstore window that has the book on the 
Holy Grail. Look in the window next to the door to see 
Jane Jensen, the woman that developed the Gabriel Knight 
series of games. Additionally, examine the book that 
Gabriel authored about the Voodoo Murders. Gabriel will 
say "Wow, isn't he some famous author or something?" 

Press "Shift Strg ~ " and a window appears. Now type in

EXTRACT "Space, Return" and a file !!!Readme.txt will be 
copied to your GK3 directory. You should read this!

With the console you can
- Extract all files (sound, graphics, animations ...)
- Activate eastereggs
- Create places and animations

To activate the eastereggs type

Tippe: SetFlag("egg")

In the game an egg appears at the person or place, an almost 
completelist of eastereggs is supplied with the readme file.

As with any adventure-game locale, look everywhere 
that you can and talk to everyone. And if you can 
pick something up, do so, because you will almost 
certainly need it later, no matter what it is. 

Learn to use the in-game camera function; not only 
will Gabriel and Grace move more quickly around the 
game's locales, but certain puzzles will be easier 
to solve if you look around with the camera. 

Once you get the fingerprint kit, you can look at or 
inspect a suspect's inventory items, but don't pick 
them up until you dust them for fingerprints. 

Save the game after the first murder occurs. The game 
will then shift into real time, and Gabriel can wander 
around, talking to or spying on the suspects, but only 
for five minutes. If you go back to the save point, 
you'll be able to take Gabriel on a different route and 
learn different things about the case. 

On the game map, the Hint button tells you where you need 
to go to finish a section of the game. But try to go to 
every location, because you never know whom you might 
bump into or what you might learn about the case.

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