Galactic Civilizations 2 - Dread Lords Game Cheats

Submitted by: RMF

If you want to enable cheats, you have to add the "cheat" command line parameter 
(note: that's 'cheat' [singular], not 'cheats' [plural]) to a shortcut to the 
application and you need to add it *outside* the quotes that enclose the 
application path in the shortcut. 

For example: "C:\Program Files\Stardock\TotalGaming\GalCiv2\galciv2.exe" cheat 

After that, enter one of the following cheat codes: 

Result                                    Code 
Add 1 to planet class                   - CTRL and P 
Add 10,000 BC                           - CTRL and M 
Add battleship                          - CTRL and B 
Assign remaining planets to major races - CTRL and L 
Complete social projects                - CTRL and J 
Clone selected ship                     - CTRL and C 
Heal selected ship                      - CTRL and H 
Hail's major races                      - CTRL and [0-9] 
Restart on new map with new race        - CTRL and N 
Research all techs                      - SHIFT and CTRL and R 
Research current tech                   - CTRL and R 
Teleport selected ship to pointer       - CTRL and T 
Save game                               - CTRL and S 
Upgrade selected ship                   - CTRL and A 
United planets meeting                  - CTRL and V

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