Giri Giri Telephone Call Game Cheats

The game puts a TELCALL.INI in your WINDOWS directory. 
To see all the pictures in the photoshop, find "Flag=" 
(not difficult, as the file should be only 2 lines long) 
and set the next 64 characters to ALL "P", while you're 
NOT playing the game. Then start the game again, and the 
photoshop will have everything in the game in it. If 
everything is "A" or invalid, you get some error text and 
no pictures when you start the photoshop. However, even if 
properly done, the photoshop won't show a few things from 
the game, e.g. the "tube" and the first 3-finger rub animation 
for the first girl. Note that the third girl in the main menu 
shows up second in the photoshop, and vice versa. (Actually not 
all the "P" characters are needed, but it doesn't hurt.)

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