Halo Custom Edition Game Cheats

Submitted by: talon briley
Console Commands (Custom Edition):
these cheats are for use only with Halo: custom edition. you will not be able to 
play online while in devmode. to activate the cheats, open up the properties window 
of the halo: custom edition shortcut and add "-console -devmode" after the target. 
put a space between the target line and -console, and another space between -console 
and -devmode. to open the console, press the ~ key (the button above tab). on the 
cheats with <#> next to them, type 1 to activate or 0 to deactivate. 
Always include the _ in the cheats, not a blankspaceCode Effect 

cheat_medusa <#> any enemy that looks at the player will automatically die 

game_speed <#> change this from 1-20 to make the game run faster. change it to 0 to make the game pause 
cls clears the console screen 

cheat_bottomless_clip <#> human weapons and the needler never have to reload, and the plasma weapons 
can not overheat 

cheat_infinite_ammo <#> this gives you infinite ammunition for every weapon 

cheat_super_jump <#> this lets you jump very high. (should be used with deathless player cheat, 
otherwise you may die while falling) 

cheat_bump_possession <#> this lets you take control of any character you make contact with 

cheat_deathless_player <#> this makes you absolutely invincible, even from falling 

cheat_all_powerups this spawns one of each powerup around the player 

cheat_all_vehicles this spawns one of each vehicle around the player 

cheat_all_weapons this spawns one of each weapon around the player, including the flag and oddball skull 

cheat_spawn_warthog this will spawn one regular warthog next to the player 

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