HangSim Game Cheats

Resist the impulse to point your aircraft into a climb 
when you lose too much altitude. This can stall the craft 
very quickly and force you to drop even faster. Push the 
glider into a gentle dive to gain airspeed before attempting 
any sort of climbing maneuver. 

When following a set course at the higher skill levels, don't 
expect to always fly a straight line between each waypoint. 
You'll probably have to plot a circuitous route that factors 
in wind direction and thermal location. 

Locating the all-important thermals is a lot easier if you go 
to the Dynamic Scenery menu and add an aircraft or two to your 
flight. Instruct these AI pilots to "find thermals," then simply 
follow them around to maximize your climbing potential.

Submitted by rickHH

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