Hot Rod - American Street Drag Game Cheats

Submitted by: conner54
Money Back Guarantee:
Say you bet some hard cash. If you lose, after the race, go to the garage and 
then go to profiles, and click back. When it asks you if you want to save click no. 
WARNING: All data "until last save" will be erased.

Faster Run:
To have a faster run, at the light hold the brake, shift into second gear, rev 
the engine to about 3000 RPM, and then release the brake when the light turns.

Unlock New Cars:
Start game as usual, then create new players using the following 

player names: 
MOISDNE    - Get 200.000 Money And Access To Cheat Cars 
Reptomicus - Get Reptomicar 
SheBeast   - Get She Mobile 
Invader    - Get Invader Car 
Brain      - Get Brain Car 


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