Hot Wheels Velocity X Game Cheats

All cars:
Submitted by: conner54
Collect 11 Bonus Stunt items while completing Challenge 8.

All worlds:
Find the Hidden Key while completing Challenge 18. The yellow 
key is in the Mines, across a trestle at the end of a tunnel.

All gadgets:
Intentionally hit 25 Barrels while completing Challenge 7.

Unlocking all cars:
Submitted by: arpit singh
for more logic, contact:- 

After you have hit 11 bonous points,a message should appear saying 
that "all cars unlocked",
but you will find cars are still locked.
So, save your game,
go to the main menu,
go to options and cheat,
now a cheat "all cars unloked" must be highlighted turn off to on. 
save your game.
Actually this is a hint for those like my younger brother, who fail 
to use cheats , although they activate them.

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