Hotel Giant Game Cheats

Submitted  by: elena.newton

To get more money do not build any suite rooms and only build normal rooms 
but charge what you would for a Suite room. Then you will make money.

When you make a package charge more than what it would be and then you make 
money cause they still think it's a deal.

When you advertise it costs a hell of a lot of money and doesn't get a lot 
of customers SO when you advertise, only advertise with the TV and thats 
it and then it is cheaper and you get the same amount of customers.

Submitted by: archi

Type frontoffice at the main menu to enable cheat mode, then enter one of 
the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Effect            Code 
$10,000,000 more  [Alt] + E 
$1,000,000 more   [Alt] + S 
$10,000,000 less  [Alt] + W 
Extra furniture   [Alt] + O 


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