Jagged Alliance 2 Game Cheats

Free Car:
Submitted by: Seff

When you meet a man called Dave in a sector near Balime (I don't 
remember exactly the number of that sector), he will offer you a 
car (Hummer) for 10,000$. If you don't want to buy it, just refuse 
his offer and lead one of your mercs go behind his house, then you 
will see a car (Hummer). Press Ctrl and click on that car and its 
yours without any cash. Follow that way you will have 2 car at the 
same time if you want. Enjoy!!! ;)

E-mail: killi@killi.com
Submitted by: bob

if you want unlimited ammo, silencers, laser sights, etc... 
you first have to make a pile preferably reasonably big. 
then you put two or more laser sights in the same slot in 
your inventory. then drop something else onto that slot 
and drop the clips or laser sights onto the pile.... 
then you arrange that you can only pick up a fraction of 
the lasersights that you dropped so that you end up having 
to drop the rest. if it's a reasonably big pile, it will 
fool the game into thinking that you didnt pick anything 
up, hence making you have an unlimted supply of clips, 
compound 18, and almost any item including g11 clips you 
simply remove the one clip from the gun and drop it with 
the spare clip the you get!!!!

On Tacticscreen press CTRL + IGUANA 
(write the word IGUANA while pressing CTRL).
Cheatmode is now activated (combinations with digits 
means numpad-keys!):

ALT+E  - all units and items are shown
ALT+T  - teleports currently selected mercenary to the 
         cursor position
ALT+O  - eliminates all enemies in the current sector
ALT+D  - refreshes action points of the current selected 
ALT+R  - full ammo (reload weapon)
ALT+W  - item scrolling, at first select an item in detail 
ALT+B  - enemy appears at the cursor position
ALT+C  - civilist appears at the cursor position
ALT+G  - new mercenary appears at the cursor position
ALT+Y  - roboter appears at the cursor position
ALT+2  - mercenary becomes bug
ALT+4  - mercenary sits in an wheel-chair
ALT+5  - mercenary becomes big bug
ALT+I  - a randomly generated weapon appears at the cursor position
ALT+K  - gas grenade explodes at the cursor position
ALT+Q  - show the inside of all buildings (the roofs disappears)
ALT+1  - mercenary becomes a tank (not useable)
CTRL+T - all mercenaries in the current sector becomes 
         arrested by bad queen
CTRL+H - the mercenary loses health points (cursor must be just 
         at mercenary's position)
CTRL+U - heals the mercenary (cursor must be just at mercenary's   
CTRL+O - an enemy bug appears
CTRL+K - an hand grenade explodes at the cursor position
CTRL+F - should show framerate, but doesn't seem to work

Cheats in Laptop view:

+ - +100.000 $ (not Numpad-Plus!)
- - -10.000 $ (not Numpad-Minus!)

Map screen-Cheats CTRL+T teleports troop to any selected sector. 
You have to be in route planning mode, so you can see the route. 
In the moment you activate the cheat the troop has arrived the sector.

ALT+left Mouse click on the GO TO SECTOR-Icon: all enemies b
ecomes eliminated.

You start in an already cleaned sector. 

Jagged Alliance 2

Disclaimer: This article is going to be part Hot Hints, 
part Dirty Tricks... 

With this cheat you can change any object into any other 
object that you happen to have around. If, for example, 
you wanted to get another grenade, you would have to get 
to where you can buy and sell stuff. (In the demo this 
would be at Jakes Junkyard) Click on the grenade and then 
click on something you don't mind losing (e,g, a .45 clip). 
Click on the .45 clip again (your mouse cursor should 
become a .45 clip) and then click where the grenade was. 
The .45 clip becomes a grenade. Put the grenade in an 
empty spot and then take the first grenade down from the 
selling list. 

You should now have two grenades and minus one .45 clips. 
It does not have to be a .45 clip or grenade. It should 
work for anything. 

I don't know how this would work in the complete version. 

Here's another one: 

Irritated with having to haggle with useless civ's? 
Want a better way? Any time you meet anyone who will 
sell you something (in the demo, that would be Jake), 
just execute them. That way, you get all their items for 
free, and any weapons they might have on their person. 
Just make sure you get them in one blast though, because 
many civ's (especially Jake) don't take to kindly to 
being mugged. 


Your first priority is to establish a financial 
base--seize the first mine at Drassen as soon as 
possible. To this end, it is worth your money to 
blow $10,000 to $15,000 on a top-of-the-line 
mercenary on a one-day contract. Choose someone 
with a long-range rifle and excellent marksmanship. 
Remember, you get to keep his equipment at the end 
of the day. 

Don't forget--to get a mine to produce money for 
you, you must find the mine foreman and make him 
happy. Seizing the town the mine is in is not enough. 

Do not seek out combat with government patrols until 
you have stocked up on long-range weapons. Also, any 
group of more than four or five enemy soldiers will 
split up and flank your position, so prepare your 
own ambush.

Submitted by: X-Ecutioner's Style

Ok, hello, I know Ja2 is quite an old game but if you like some 
long-time fun you can just buy the game (if you can find it) an PLAY.
First of all, there is a cheat with CRTL + Iguana... ahh what it 
doesn't work. NOOOO I am dooomed. this game sux! No it doesn't. 
but that's not the point. First of all you should play the game in NOVICE. 
Hire these mercs from A.I.M. BUZZ, STEROID and HITMAN. Then go to I.M.P type 
the password xep624 and make a charecter Marksmanship 85 
Agility, Medical Health BIG you don't need Mechanical or Explosive... Oh i forgot 
at the presonality questions answer the question that have a connection with 
Begin! Kill the enemy forcer from OMERTA(first sector) and then find a woman named 
Fatima with a kid named Pacos. Your first hired merc will have a letter from Enrico. 
give it to Fatima and folow her to a hideout. Before leaving the first sector search 
for a crowbar and give it to Steroid, THEN leave the sector. When the hideout loading 
image is on your screen look at the lower right corner you will see a grey name Joker... 
Blah, blah blah talk with the rebels an hire Ira! Then go to Drassen free al the sectors 
and kill the guy named DeSantos (for money and beer) (and fun!). Talk with a priest 
(Father Walker). Talk with the headminer and he will give the mine to you. Train some 
militia! Then go back to the rebel hideout and hire Dimitri.
Now you can finish the game!.
Mine order: Drassen, Chitzeena, Cambria, Alma, Grumm.
Thanks to Dima M. A. (ME) I. Alex and G. Alex. 
Sorry if i had some grammar mistakes I am not from an English speaking country! 
I am from a very nice country ROMANIA. Visit! 

Submitted by: X-Ecutioner's Style
Hi, there is me again. The guy with the Ja2 intro. Well have you captured Drassen? 
If you did, now hire some militia, (take Buzz, and the dude from I.M.P.[hope it has some 
good leadership] and go the the map screen and put them in Trainin/Millitia [from the 2nd 
column, I think...]) now wait until all sectors are full of blue millitia. Now put them 
(Buzz and I.M.P. dude) in squad 2. Now go to San Mona. This town has a min but is ruled 
by an idiot called King Pin. DO NOT TRY TO KILL HIM!!! Talk to a guy named Angel 
(in day time around 10AM). He will tell you about his sister that is held up by King 
Pin in a local named Shady Lady in the next sector. Go there. Talk to Ma'am Layla and 
take 2 mercs and give to Layla 400$ she will let you go inside the place. BUT WATCH OUT! 
There is an asshole with a gun he will enter in a room take one of the mercs, and after 
he enters block the door (just stand in front of the entrance!!!!). Now take the other 
merc and in a left room there is a key. Take it, and go to a room, talk to Maria and 
take her to Angel... See ya next time... 
Read Some 1's story too. Visit ROMANIA. Is good!

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