Jagged Alliance Game Cheats

Have one of your mercs walk a longer distance than 
his/her action points will allow (like 80 or so).
Watch the merc's action points as they decrease.  
When the merc's action points get below the amount 
usually needed to shoot (but _not_ to zero), right 
click on their picture to spin it around and get the 
three buttons.  
Click on the "reserve points" button (I believe it 
has to be unchecked before this little cheat is attempted).  
Then right click on the picture again to spin it back around.  
The merc will continue walking (as usual), but he/she will 
walk _all_ the way to wherever you told him/her to go, with 
absolutely no regard for action points. 

A nice way to get out of range of that sniper.

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