Jardinains! Game Cheats

Submitted by: conner54
To enter cheat codes, pause the game (P) and press the backtick (`) key, 
and enter one of the following codes (followed by RETURN):

Code                                      Result
'gomomgo'                               - extra 30 lives
'upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart' - instant Brickplow Boomers 
                                          (powerful balls, indeed)
'they're everywhere'                    - Many, many nains
'20 goto ##'                            - skip to level ## (where ## is a number)

To find and change a player's password:
Submitted by: Venkatesh

To find the password of the player, go to the folder(C:\Program Files\Jardinains!\data\players) 
and by using a text editor open(Eg:Notepad) the players file.The name and passwords of the 
players will be displayed there.You can change the passwords of the other players without 
their knowledge.

Submitted BY: rojansapkota@gmail.com 

This is a useful Cheat to get to last levels without playing any of the first

first make a backup of the game then go to (Jardinains!\DATA\LEVELS\CURRENT) 
Here you will find the level files.

Now rename LEVEL_1.LVL to LEVEL_51.LVL and LEVEL_51.LVL to LEVEL_1.LVL

Start the game then we will start with the last level(i.e level 51)

You can do this with all the levels by changing their name with each other.

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