Jekyll & Hyde Game Cheats

Submitted by: rickHH

Keep track of your diary entries. If you are stuck in 
a seemingly hopeless situation, many times a new entry 
will provide a helpful clue.

Mr. Hyde can jump further and higher than Dr. Jekyll. 
He is also able to absorb more punishment from enemies 
and his large, hairy hands provide more power than does 
Dr. Jekyll's walking stick.

Anytime you see a cistern or bowl of water chances are you 
will soon be using your potion to transform into Mr. Hyde.

You never know when the effects of the potion will wear 
off and Mr. Hyde revert back to Dr. Jekyll, so be quick, 
but also be careful. 

Do not be dismayed if you are experiencing difficulties 
on some of the harder levels. Practice makes perfect and 
it may take numerous attempts to discover a pattern that 
will lead you through a tricky scenario.

Not all of your jumps need to be perfect. If you land a 
little short of a ledge or beam, your character will use 
his hands to grasp onto the edge until you pull him upward.

Most guards will advance towards the sound of your footsteps, 
so tread carefully and do not hesitate to use the numerous 
crates and dark alleys as cover.

All of the end-of-level bosses you battle will have a 
pattern of movement they repeat. Take time to learn their 
pattern and they will be easier to defeat. 

Save often! Though the available saves are limited in 
number, you do not want to lose any progress you have made, 
especially on the more difficult levels.

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